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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Funny, the past few months I have been so lazy with my hair that I have been just throwing it up into a high bun hoping it looked okay. I stumbled across this cute photo of a girl with a similar hairstyle that I have been doing. It really made me feel tickled to see how adorable the look is. I will have to modify mine a bit to get the look. And secondly, I don't what it is but I wore my high waisted pants with a belt, similar to hers as well. Mine were navy. I always get excited when I see that I am following fashion trends when I don't even try or plan to. Now... If I could just find those sunglasses she has, then I think the outfit would be complete. 

This next photo, I absolutely adore. For a second, I just wish it were Spring again so i could wear something like this. I often feel my fashion sense changing more than ever now than I have when I was in my teens. It seems as if I am changing my style to a more mature look and I don't even realize it. Which is not a bad thing, I just find myself dressing older than I am at times. Sometimes I forget that I am still so youthful, and that I need to take advantage of wearing "younger things" while I can.

While looking at new fall fashions I came across an amazing website, that I am now in love with. It's called Asos ! I could sit on this website all day and just adore their clothing, accessories, and shoes! I hope to have introduced the website to some who hadn't heard of it yet!

This is what I mean't when I said I sometimes pick out things to wear that are not my age. There are so many life changes that I am going through at the moment, and sadly, keeping up with fashion trends has not been a priority. I think I have this mentality where I pick out something really cute, that I have and then I try it on and think to myself that I am "overdressed" or "too trendy" so maybe I should just take more risks.

So there are my random thoughts of the day! 

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  1. I am exactly the same... I pick something out that looks fun and daring and on-trend, but then I feel overdressed going out and it almost makes me self-conscious. Everyone is so casual around here! I would love to hear your solution to this! :)


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