Gift Exchange from Jennifer {And a few words from Rayne}

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I got to do a gift exchange with the sweet Jennifer from MamaZEN ! I really enjoyed getting to know her and we found out that we have a lot in common! I am glad to have gotten paired with someone so nice and lovely.

Jennifer sent me a Vera Bradley Notepad set that was purple & so adorable! I am going to take a picture and add it after work today. I am so annoyed at myself for forgetting to take a picture last night, but I will definitely be editing this post after work with the new picture! Jennifer did great! My favorite color is purple and of course I love purple for my LSU Tigers :)

She gave me the floral nightinglae design collection and looks like this, but with three notepads and a pen!

Thank you so much Jennifer, you are the sweetest, and I hope to stay in touch! Go check out her out, she has such a lovely blog!


And today, there is a pretty cool link up with Kodi, so go join her !

My, and what big ears you have Miss Rayne. {Note: this dog sleeps with her ears like this}

I just want to do hoodrat things with my friends

My thoughts when LSU lost the BCS.

Why does my mom make me watch the Bachelor? That Courtney girl is crazy!


  1. So cute. I nominated you for an award on my blog!

  2. I found you via Confessions of a Single Mommy. She has good taste in nominating you! I am a new follower because of her. I love your blog, check out my blog, you may want to follow back.

  3. Hai! Dis is Bella!

    I liek to do hoodrat stuffs wif my friends sometimes. but we nots rats. So I dnt understand wat it means, but I says it neways. U are very pretty and I so glad we r now bloggy friends!


  4. Hi Brittany! I am so happy we got to know each other over the last month! I am glad you liked the gift and I am super excited that the color was so perfect :)

  5. Aw! Those ears. Love your new note pad too

  6. Cute note pad! And Rayne...that is too funny! She looks so street! :-)
    This link up/gift exchange has been so much fun! A great way to connect with and support our fellow bloggers.
    We are following you and would love for you to stop by our blog.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. Rayne is adorable!!! Well... minus the whole LSU bit... {ROLL TIDE!} ;)

  8. RAYNE IS SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! And love that she gets to sad about LSU - I do too Rayne!! And so does Jacques-Imo (he says ruff ruff!!).

    Hope you have a great day! XOXO

  9. Hey! I just recently found your blog and I love it! I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog for details. :)

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love new visitors and getting to follow new bloggers. Have a great wekk Doll

  11. I LOVE VB. Oh man, she's the shiz. :) Cute puppy pics!


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