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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Moving on.....


I feel kind of like a plastic bag floating in the wind today since there are no link ups {or I am too late / don't have the energy to find one / or am just not informed} Yes I just quoted Katy Perry.
Thank you all for the sweet feel better comments, your wishes worked and I am feeling a lot better today! Now that I feel better we can move on to how I am just really dang sleepy all the time now. And I don't know why.
Anyone have any good energy boosting exercises / food suggestions / vitamins they recommend ?
I'll be more interesting tomorrow.
But for now, I'll leave you with this cool quote I found on pinterest {duh} that I am loving.
Whenever you think you've given it your all, just remember this little quote.


  1. Great quote :) Hope you get to feeling better in a jiffy!

  2. Love this quote! And don't worry, it wasn't an uninteresting post ;) As for energy boosters, I've been taking B12 vitamins and flaxseed oil pills. They make me feel a lot better! Otherwise I'd sleep from 4-7 everyday :S

  3. here is a link up....

    I just linked up on there a few minutes ago,


  4. I am the same way! Tired/weak 24/7...all hours of the day. I told my boyfriend today that I hope that I don't have mono or anything of that sort. Feel better ASAP!

  5. CS always seems to know just what to say!

  6. Love that quote! Thanks for sharing! :)

    No judging on the Katy Perry reference. It's just so catchy!

  7. That IS a good quote! And I have the same problem, usually my only solution is lots of coffee -- can't be a good thing! xo


  8. everyone has a "plastic bag" kind of day every once in a while. it's totally acceptable. hope you feel better!!

  9. That quote is fabulous! My dad is always saying something similar to that! I hope you continue to feel better!

    if you are looking for a Sunday link up, I do a link up called Wish! {out loud} that I'd love for you to participate it! Check it out on my blog along with a giveaway! :]


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