Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

Monday, January 30, 2012

So, this was by far one of my favorite recipes I have made! Let's see 10 minute prep time and 10 minute cook time....Hello best recipe ever! My real life friend Kristen made this recipe recently, and I knew I just had to try it. My husband loved it, so that made my night! Ironically, I really think I've only had Tilapia a couple of times, so I was really excited about making it. 

Fish is probably one of my favorite foods, I grew up on a river and would literally catch my own fish for dinner quite often. Fishing has bee a part of my life ever since I was a little girl. My Dad and I really bonded over going on fishing trips together. As a little girl, I wanted to go fishing so badly with my Dad that it would often be me (7 year old girl) with my Dad and three men, but I didn't care, I loved it. 

Here's the recipe: 

3/4 cups of Low Fat Grated Parmesan Cheese
2 tbsp of Paprika
1 tbsp of parsley
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 lb of Tilapia (approx 3 filets) 

1. Set oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit 
2. Mix cheese, paprika, and parsley together in a bowl. 
3. Be sure to wash off Filets thoroughly with water 
4. Add Filets to a baking pan with aluminum foil - drizzle olive oil  and salt & pepper on top of filets 
5. After mixing mixture drizzle over filets 
6. Place in oven for 10-12 minutes 

Side Item:
I did angel hair pasta with extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, and a pinch of garlic salt.
10 minute prep time

Ceaser Salad  and dressing by Newman's Own (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

 Recipe Adapted from rachael ray

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  1. Weird. I was planning to try this this week! It's a Rachael Ray recipe! I love her! :) Glad to hear its good!

  2. Looks easy & delish - my kind of weeknight recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like something I need to add to our meal plan!

  4. I'm glad y'all liked this! We make it probably once a week, it's so yummy! And I'm glad we're "real life friends" :)

  5. That looks like it turned out really good!! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  6. oo I was planning on making talipa tonight but usually just blacken it. I might try this instead, looks SO good!

  7. Oh this looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  8. This looks dee-lish! I am printing it out now. Thanks! By the way, doing a fab giveaway on my blog!!

    Because Shanna Said So Giveaway


  9. Looks yummy! I have to try this.
    Just found your blog, but I'm already loving it! Following :)

  10. yum!! this looks SO good! i'm hoping to try it soon :)

  11. It looks amazing and I bet its very delicious :)
    Now if only I had the time to cook..
    I'm following you, return love back maybe?
    xo Anastasia

    P.S: Your header is fa-bu-lous!!! ^-^

  12. that recipe looks so great! started following you!

    with love,

    follow me @

  13. 20 minutes?!
    So making this.
    Tilapia is one of my favorite, but I've never actually made it!

    :) xo

  14. Thank you for your sweet compliment about the name change for my blog. I'm excited and I love the name you came up with too. I also love that you posted @ the top in the header your former blog as well. SMART MOVE [one I might have to snag for a while]. Oddly enough I have tilapia baking in the oven right now.... small world right? ox

  15. you're so cute! this meal looks fantastic. and 20 minutes you can't beat that!

  16. This recipe sounds delicious! Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Follow each other?

    Stop by anytime!
    <3 Karen from

  17. This looks SO yummy! I love seafood! xo

  18. you're recipe sounds delish! I'm definitely going to have to try it out :)

  19. lovely blog! i'm following you!

  20. oh yum! I am a big fan of seafood/ in general, really:-) xoxo

  21. This looks so good! I am definitely going to make it soon! Also, I grabbed your button and added it to my blog!

  22. This looks so tempting. I am going to try it out soon!


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