Wedding Whoops {Link Up} & A Giveaway !

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am linking these stories up with Jenna's over at Recently Roached. Go over and check out the other brides' Wedding Whoops! too. 

Our wedding on July 16, 2011

Our wedding day went very smooth actually. The only thing is that a thunderstorm decided to blaze through at the beginning of the reception and lasted about 30 minutes. Our police escorts were on motorcycles  in front of our car and we were right behind them while lightning was striking the roads ahead of us. I was so nervous that one of the escorts would be struck by lightning, but they were thankfully okay.  We thought the rain would keep the guests from coming to the reception, but we were wrong. It was a packed house and even more people showed up to the reception. A few family members and friends face planted into some puddles in the parking lot, and thankfully they were okay too. Due to the torrential down pour, Joel and I were not able to get a picture in the Rolls Royce together, but I didn't even realize it till we were on the honeymoon.

Everyone kept telling us that rain means good luck on our wedding day, so we weren't a bit upset about it. It was actually a very cool moment to see how the party continued even though there was a thunderstorm outside.

Since there was no big "whoops" I decided to do the some funny moments with captions! Hope you enjoy!

I don't have a picture of it, but as soon as my Dad reached the altar, Joel extended his hand to take mine, and my Dad said "No, not yet." The funny part is, is that we stood there for a good 8-10 seconds waiting for the music to end so that my Dad could "hand me over" and Joel sat there thinking the whole time that he wasn't handing me over because my Dad wasn't ready. In reality, we just were waiting for the music to stop, so many got a kick out of this moment and the joke is that my Dad wasn't ready to hand me over yet. And the best part is.. After he gave Joel my hand, my Dad turned around and tripped over my dress as he found his way to the pew. I totally missed this, but hearing about it after was just hilarious.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Whoops! I forgot my "dance" moves!

Whoops! The Groom has a new headdress!
Whoops- Aunt Mae is undressing my Groomsmen and wearing their vests!

And she successfully got the Groom's vest too!

Whoops! Someone gave the Groom a microphone!

And, the best for last! Someone gave the Groom handcuffs to pull from out of my dress! You can see by every one's faces that this was certainly one of the funniest/most shocking moments!  

Now...Onto the Giveaway!

I am quickly approaching 100 followers and cannot believe it! Really, it's such an incredible feeling of love and warmth! Thank you to everyone who continually reads my blog. I am so blessed and appreciative that there are people who want to read my stories!
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  1. i love the picture of aunt mae trying to undress the's hysterical!

    i nominated you for a blog award check it out here:

  2. Hahaha that picture of your aunt undressing the groomsman is hysterical!

    congrats on almost reaching 100 :)


  3. love it! we share an anniversary :)

  4. love these pics! where did you get married?

  5. Those photos are great!!! :) Looks like a fun wedding!!

  6. Aunt Mae wins. That picture is priceless. Loved you whoopsies.

  7. These are such great pictures. That's hilarious that your dad was waiting for the "cue" to give you away :) My dad was so nervous about messing up "Her mother and I." :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. hahhaa granny undressing the groomsmen, scandalous!! what a great image. why did you have a police escort at your wedding?

  9. Aww, your wedding dress was soooo pretty! Your wedding looked like an ABSOLUTE blast!! :-)

  10. Love this! I have wedding pics myself that I need to post on my blog!

    I emailed you about your giveaway! I am still building my follower base and right now I mainly share posts on facebook and people comment there. Trying to make new friends and followers from the blogger world!

    Michelle @


  11. HAHA handcuffs???? Laughing out loud.

  12. omg aunt mae! I want her at my next party! So cute moments. I put the ring on my hubs wrong finger during our vows and the priest, who was a good friend, totally called me out. It is one of my faves pics. You might have just given me my blog post for tomorrow :)

  13. Aunt Mae is officially my new favorite person!

  14. I wish I had an Aunt Mae. What a fabulous Lady! Your dress is gorgeous Britt. With a wedding that fun, rain or shine, you're sure to have a lifetime of happiness together :) God bless!

  15. What a sweet post! Loved it xo

  16. it looks like such a fun and beautiful wedding day!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  17. Gorgeous wedding photos!
    Looks like soo much fun :)
    Following you back!

  18. Your wedding looks (& sounds) like it was SO much fun! And you looked BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  19. What a great topic! (Beautiful wedding by the way) My wedding oops was when the priest called us Kathryn and Karen. Wtf, who is Karen? And two women...

  20. Thank you, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! And thank you for following me :) I am your newest follower! Love your cute blog and this post! Your dress is GORGEOUS!

  21. Glad I hung onto those handcuffs.... I knew they would come in handy at some point just wasn't sure when! Love ya !

  22. Your wedding looks amazing!!! Rain is a good luck thing - but I always say they just tell us girls that so we don't lose our minds ;)


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