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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Cake! I designed it myself by sketching the whole thing for our cake baker! He did an amazing job down to the last detail I wanted. He was a true talent to work with and I am so glad I chose him. 
On our wedding day, we had two rooms rented, and the cake was in the second room. We had arrived at our reception and had been mingling for over an hour before we made our way into the second room where the cake was. When we did, I was in awe and so amazed. The cake was everything I dreamed of and more. 
Below are some more pictures of the details of our cake!

Doves were always something I wanted to incorporate in our wedding. Doves are beautiful, and I have always thought they were sentimental to me in so many ways. I always thought the idea of "Love Birds" was really cute, and even used bird themes for my showers. When it came time to picking a wedding topper, it was a no brainer. I love the Bride and Groom Toppers, but it wasn't necessarily the style/feel I was going for. 
And you know how I first thought to use them for my wedding? I always loved the Disney movie Cinderella as a little girl, and my favorite part of the movie is when the birds help create Cinderella's dress. I just thought it was so magical and lovely. Silly, but it was my first thought when I was deciding. 

The Cinderella theme kind of continues with the drapes on the cake. Remember Cinderella's dress how it had many drapes on her dress? So dreamy and magical. That is where those beautiful blush drapes came from. 

Did you know Southern girls like monograms? Oh and pearls? I know the rest of the world does too, but I've never seen so many in the South. So, I had to have some of those touches on the cake. From the very beginning I had used the letter "R" (our last name initial) through showers, invitations, and more. So, I definitely wanted it to be on the cake. The pearls around the cake were really important to me. I loved how dainty they looked; it completed the look of my cake perfectly. 

FLAVORS {from the top}: 
Traditional Wedding Cake 
Lemonade {Which I never even got to try :( so sad} 
Vanilla with Strawberries in the filling
White chocolate 
Praline flavored cake
Last Tier was traditional wedding cake 

I had 16 Cake Pulls, so bare with me if I don't remember them all. One of my favorite parts of our wedding was the cake pulls. Girls get so into it! When you see who gets what and how much they take it to heart is just so funny. I think my 16 year old cousin got the Ring and a friend who's in a serious relationship got the Old Maid, so it just really didn't make sense but was funny!  
Ring ( 1 ) 
Good Luck ( 2 ) 
Life of the Party ( 2 ) 
Fleur De Lis/ New Orleans ( 2 ) 
Life of Style and Fashion ( 1 ) 
Life of Adventure and Leisure ( 1 ) 
Life of Stability ( 1 ) 
Life of Financial Security ( 2 ) 
Long Life ( 2 ) 
A Life with Memories ( 1 ) 
Old Maid (1) 

Now, I'll give the Groom his glory too, because really his cake is adorable too! 

For those who are new, my husband started medical school the day after we got home from our honeymoon. So this cake was very fitting for him. Plus, he's a funny guy and wanted something to show his personality :) 

I cannot wait to see all of your Wedding Cakes! 

It is open until March 1st !

*Have fun with this, all I ask is that you link back to my blog! Thank you to everyone who participates! 


  1. I love your cake topper! The doves on top are so precious! :)

  2. LOVE your cake. Its absolutely fantastic! So beautiful and elegant. I'm linking up with my wedding cake for our upcoming wedding! What are cake pulls? I've never heard of them before.

  3. Wow! Your cake was beautiful! We got ours at Publix :-P I was kind of upset about the whole idea but we got married in a very small town with only one other bakery that didn't really have anything impressive...soooo...Publix it was! The cake turned out great, tasted wonderful, and I thought it was kind of neat that the same woman that has made and decorated my birthday cakes since I was 3, also made my wedding cake :)

  4. No way! You designed your cake? It is GORGEOUS! You did an amazzzzzing job! WOW!
    And the groom's cake is adorable :)

  5. Your cake is so impressive! I love all the details. I kept my wedding cake very simple, but yours is a showstopper! I have never heard of cake pulls before and just had to google it. So cute!

  6. you designed it!?!?! That is so awesome!!!

  7. Your cake is beautiful! And your hubby's cake it too funny!

  8. LOVE the cakes! xo

  9. Oh my gosh - all of your flavors sound SO good!
    Especially white chocolate..yum!
    I can't believe you designed it - go you :)

    I love your groom's cake - that is hilarious!


  10. Thanks for hosting this linky party!! How fun!! I just got married in November and we put a lot of thought into our cake too! Yours is lovely! We had lemon flavor as well :)

    xoxo Michelle

  11. Boo I want to link p but m on the iPad and can't do pics!

  12. thanks for hosting this, Britt! Such a fun idea! :)

    your cake was lovely! & i'm loving that groom's cake! too funny!

  13. Your cake was gorgeous!! His groom's cake was too funny & cute!

  14. Beautiful! And I love that you designed it!

  15. Your cake is gorgeous! But I also love The Operation cake! :) So fun.

  16. Very elegant cake!! This is so fun! Thanks for hosting.

  17. Ok, your grooms cake is by far the funnest and best grooms cake I have ever seen.

    Your cake is stunning. Love the little doves as a topper and I love how you incorporated your Cinderella love into the cake.

    This has been such a fun link-up!

  18. Your cake was beautiful! His cake is simply hilarious. That is one of my favorite games.

  19. Your cake was absolutely beautiful!!! You did a great job designing it!

    I LOVE cake pulls! We don't do cake pulls in Texas, but when I moved to New Orleans, I knew it was something I was DEFINITELY was going to do! I pulled the ring at the last wedding we went to before we got married so her's worked out. I don't remember who got which pulls at our wedding, but I do know my cousin who caught the bouquet (and tossed it back...haha!) is the next to get married!

  20. Your cake is GORGEOUS! I'm a new follower, brought over by many ladies who already follow you and linked up!

  21. You are kindding me? You designed your cake? Aboslutely amazing!!! And your husband's is the cutest groom's cake I have EVER seen! ;)
    Because Shanna Said So

  22. Your cake was absolutely GORGEOUS! Seriously blew me away. Love the Cinderella details :). I linked up...this was so fun! Thanks for hosting.

  23. WOW you did such an awesome job designing that cake!!! ahhh!! =)
    Love it!!! Wish I had thought of something that amazing!
    Much Love,


  24. That is absolutely incredible! I love wedding cakes (can't wait for my own)! I'm so excited to be your newest follower!


  25. I love your wedding cake! It's gorgeous. and the Operation groom's cake is so cute.. and unique! I love it.

    Glad you found me! I'm a new follower of you too :)

  26. What a cute link up idea! I think that groom's cake might be the cutest one I've seen yet. Such a fun design!

    I'm happy to be your 300th follower!

  27. Love your cake and blog! Thanks for the link-up!! New reader :)

  28. this sounds delicious.... and i LOVE your cake topper. seriously one of my faves, ever!

  29. Lemonade wedding cake- good gracious that sounds yummy!

  30. wow, that cake is beautiful brit, I can't believe you had it drawn up for the baker, so hands on! My wedding was 7 years ago straight out of college so we didn't have anything fancy.

  31. your cake was STUNNING! Found you from Kristen's link up over at Joyful Ramblings. LOVE the blog =)


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