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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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My Theme: All Things Summer & Sea blue  

Can I please live by the ocean/lake so I can relax in hammock while listening to the waves? 

This reminds me of my dream vacation in Nantucket! 

After seeing this picture, I set up my sound machine and set it ocean. 

Awesome. Love these words. 

This makes me want to go riding bikes through the beach. 

And that adorable basket, want it! 

Oh, Jackie. You are a true beauty! 

I will most likely make these myself. Toile is everywhere and I've seen many good DIY scalloped shorts tutorials. 

Are you ready for the beach now? 

1. I am loving that our tax return went well & we did it all by ourselves ! Yes, you heard that right. We are very proud! 

2. Tax money = savings! Also a small splurge on a bicycle for me =] Hence the bicycle pictures above. 

3. I am SO happy that I did well getting my blood drawn yesterday. The last time I got this done, I passed out and collapsed on the ground. My blood sugar dropped to 17 and blood pressure dropped extremely low as well. I got very sick and was pretty traumatized from it. My doctor ordered these tests for me back in October, and she had to re send them twice because I would not go in to get it done. And, yesterday I finally did it. Now, just hoping for good results! 

4. I am loving that my sweet husband made dinner last night so I could nap. After the blood test, my nerves and body were so anxious that I was exhausted. 

5. Hunger Games week has arrived! I'm skipping the overcrowded packed theatre and am going on Saturday or Sunday instead. I'd like to watch it in peace without applause and shouting. 

6. I am also loving the Hunger Games Soundtrack & Taylor Swift's new song on it! SO GOOD! 

7. I am loving that it's hump day. Really, I hate to say it, but Friday where are you? This work week has been so stressful in playing catch up from vacation! 


  1. First off, now all I can think about is the smell of salt water, the breeze in my hair, and my toes in the sand...dreaming of the beach now! Counting down until summer is here!!!!

    Second...Hunger GAMES WEEK! Woo! I wish I could tell you how excited I am about this...we'll have to discuss after we see! I'm gonna have to try out the soundtrack now thanks to your suggestion :)

  2. i'm going to hunger games at midnight. the noise and applause and the teenagers make it fun :)


  3. I love that photo of Jackie Kennedy. She really is a classic beauty.

  4. Every single one of your pins are gorgeous! It totally makes me want to pick up and go to Nantucket. Sounds so relaxing and beautiful. Now I will have to pack that cute suit you pinned...would be perfect :)

  5. Good thinking on skipping The Hunger Games rush! I think I'll go Monday afternoon where I can sit in peace!

  6. Loving all the beachy pics! :) Oh girl, I'm sorry you had to get your blood drawn. That is one of the most frightening things for me to do! I absolutely HATE needles! You're so brave..and how sweet of your hubby to make dinner for you and take care of you!

  7. Oh how I can just pick 1 thing to comment on?! I can't! SO here we go :)

    Amen to summer time almost being here....!
    Love that hammock!
    The ship quote is one of my absolute favorites :)
    YAY Hunger Games. Enough said!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. I love all of these! And I too dream about going to Nantucket, and I want to wear that swimsuit when I go now too! Thank you for sharing such lovely pins :)

  9. I'm SOOO ready for the beach but can't decide if I'm going to go this year or not. I really want to go BUT I'll be 8 months pregnant and I'm almost scared to wander that far away from home!!!!

    Glad you did okay getting your bloodwork done. Praying for you for good results :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. I def want to go to the beach now! Sigh... Only another month or two and it will be time to go! xoxo A-

  11. Oh I cannot wait for summer! And that ice cream!!! :) Yum.

  12. love your precious blog!


  13. Stopping by from the vintage apple and loving all of your pins! I desperately want summer to arrive soon. I woke up to snow this morning!

  14. These pins have definitely gotten me in the mood for summer!

  15. That black one piece is so cute!

  16. I am going to see Hunger Games with some of my lady friends on Saturday. Can't wait. And I absolutely love that Taylor Swift song too. I downloaded it on iTunes about a month ago...not sure why it came out so long before the movie. I knew we were friends for a reason! xoxo!
    Because Shanna Said So

  17. I have been wanting a bike badly! Especially so my lil one can go riding with me too! Hope you get it very soon!!

  18. hello sweetie! Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting my blog. I really like yours - it's quite interesting, appealling and I totally identify myself with it. I'm your new follower now and would appreciate to have you with me as well if it pleases you. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    I'll be back for sure

  19. Good to hear the hunger game soundtrack is good. I keep hearing great things about it and I love the Taylor song on it.

  20. I can't wait to go bike riding on the beach.

    I completely agree about waiting to see Hunger Games. My teenage sister is going to the midnight showing, but I think we will hold off till the crowds die down.

  21. I have 84 days until we are on the beach and these pins made me even more excited (if thats even possible) to be at the beach!!!

    I cannot wait to see Hunger Games either and I too am waiting until probably Sunday to see it in order to beat the crowds. Friday is almost here (:

  22. And I am loving everything on this post!! Especially the blues and bicycles. :) I am so pumped about Hunger Games...but can't go 'til NEXT weekend! UGH!!

  23. I'm totally ready for the beach. Unfortunately I live about 8 hours from the closest beach, so so sad!


  24. Girl, same thing happens to me when I get my blood taken. In MS, you have to get it taken for a marriage license, and I didn't know you are supposed to eat before you get it taken...and I passed out cold on the health department floor. Traumatizing for sure! Good for you for getting that ice cream and love your sweet husband for letting you rest.


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