Loving My Bucket List !

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Bucket List
Thanks to Pinterest! 

I've been pinning away at the things I look forward to doing in my future, and I couldn't help getting a little carried away and pinning 10 thousand of these images. Aren't they great though? If you didn't have a bucket list before, then you can thank Pinterest for exposing you to adventures you never thought you would want to do. Here's my favorites so far... 

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I really REALLY hope this happens in the near future! 

This would just be so neat. 

Hah! How funny? 

Even though I have Raynaud's Phenomena, I really want to do this. I'll just bring an electric heater blanket. 

Hoping to do this in the next 5 years! One of the big ones on my bucket list. 

Would be so neat! I used to feed my neighbors horse everyday after school when I was a little girl. 

This may be happening THIS weekend ! 

As soon as I get the courage to do it I will be getting a tattoo!

My 29th golden birthday party will be on a yacht! For some reason, I've always said that my 29th birthday party will be huge and that I want to finally celebrate my golden birthday. So hopefully that will happen! 

We were suppose to do this on the honeymoon... But, I don't think they offered it at our place. 

Yep, hoping to learn this year! 

You've heard me talk before about how I really want to open my own boutique one day! Maybe a sandwich shop too :) 

Some things I've checked off my list: 


My favorite place in the USA, although it's kind of tied with The Grand Canyon. 

Was impeccable and just beautiful. 

Can I tell you what I wished for? That I married Joel. Silly, I know, but it came true ! 

It was pretty indeed ! 

Summer 2010. I climbed the whole way up AND down ! I was in really good shape summer 2010. 

What I'm Loving Wednesday: 

1. I am loving that we may be going to a carnival/fair this weekend! It will be our first one together!

2. That my hubby's work load is a lot lighter this week since he took his exam last Friday. It's so weird to actually have him sit on the couch with me after work.

3. I am loving that a project I am working on at work is almost complete. It's really nice to see your work coming alive.

4. I am loving that Rayne is doing so well at the park! She plays so well with others, and listens so good!

5. I am loving the cooler weather, BUT, I am not liking the 50 degree weather. 60s and up only please!

6. I am loving that I have stuck to my meal planning so far this week!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Wednesday :) 

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  1. great list! ellen cracks me up and i think it'd be so funny to see her in person!

    going on a safari is on my list too!

  2. This is such a good idea! I'm always forgetting what I say is on my bucket list! I should pin it instead!

  3. love your bucket list! i live in seoul and went to a lantern festival here, and am going to another even better one in may. they're cool!

  4. Great blog and great theme! I'm your newest follower. Found you through the Vintage Apple.

  5. Great bucket list - minus owning the horse farm. I'd want to own pigs or something. Weird - but they are so cute.

  6. I want my small tattoo to say "I love words" in 12-point Times New Roman.

  7. what a great theme! i love these pins, too (:

  8. Love this!! Such a cute post :) Ohh, I want to go to Ellen's show SO bad! I would love to be able to take my mom!

  9. Cute cute cute!!! We swam with dolphins on our honeymoon and it was spectacular! One of the coolest experiences of my life!!! You def. HAVE to do it!!! Hope you check it off your list sooner than later!!! xoxo!

  10. I LOVE all of these ideas! How fun would it be to go to the Ellen Show!

  11. Love all your pins!! I'm your newest follower!! :)

  12. This is really a great bucket list! I would love to go on a safari and see a latern festival! Hoping you have a fantastic Wednesday!!!

  13. Love this list! I've got to get to a taping of the Ellen Show too!

  14. I absolutely adore carnivals/fairs! Hope you all ahve a great time :)

  15. those are some really great goals and some amazing ones you have already ticked off =) xo

  16. I love your bucket list! Actually, I really like the idea of making a bucket list in your twenties. If you don't make it til later you won't have as much time. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  17. I saw a bunch of those pins pop up last night! Good ideas, all of them. :)

  18. LOVE this!! I am OBSESSED with my 'bucket llst' so love seeing your list!
    xoxo, Jess

  19. Love this, found you from Annas blog, love her too.

    Excited to follow along, we have so much in common.

  20. I love these bucket list pins!! So fun! Just found your blog... too cute! I'm your newest follower :)

  21. Ellen is totally on my list!!!

  22. You have such a great bucket list! I think I'm even about to steal a couple of these for my own! And for some reason I never thought to create a bucket list board on pinterest but I am totally going to do that now! I hope you have fun at your carnival date with the hubby and yay for crossing another thing off soon! :]

  23. I don't think I'd like to sleep in an igloo. : ) I would like to go on the ellen show, and swim with dophins! And you should learn how to sew - I love it!!

  24. LOVE your bucket list. I'm planning on crossing off the marriage, wedding dress, and African Safari in the next couple of years! :)

  25. I love that you have been to stonehenge! I have always wanted to go there! Oh and I tagged you in my post!

  26. I love that Ellen is on your Bucket List! I would love to do that too, but sadly I don't even live in the right country. :(
    Dropping by from WILW. :)

  27. LOVE This! I've not seen these on pinterest, they are so fun! I have a bucket list too, it's a mile long:)


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