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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Y'all know how much I love Southern sayings, culture, and food. So, today I am giving away some really adorable Southern Sayings prints!

  The lovely Stephanie from Stephanie Creekmur Designs, sent me some samples of her work recently, and I am just in love with her prints! They are so cute and colorful.

A little bit about Stephanie:
Stephanie Creekmur Design is a stationery boutique and graphic design studio based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2009 by a girl who loves paper, all things southern, and still believes in the handwritten note. SCD provides clients with event + party invitations, birth + graduation announcements, logo + brand identities, blogger templates, prints, and every wedding paper need.


Do you want one of these prints? Well, five lucky people will be receiving a free 8x10 print from the Sweet Southern Charm collection !

I am giving away:  Hold Your Horses, Heavens to Betsy, Well Shut my Mouth, I Do Declare, and Lord Have Mercy. 

What do you need to do ? 
Leave me a comment below saying what your favorite Southern Saying is and why. I will pick my 5 favorite stories and pick some winners!
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** I will close the comment section on May 3rd at Midnight!
Your comments are really good so far, if I can't choose 5, I will do random generator to help me decide!

Visit Stephanie's websites to see more from her ! She's got all sorts of kinds of prints !

If you order from her shop, you can pick your favorite colors too!

Don't want to wait ? Head over to her Etsy show now to place your order !


  1. SHUT up these are SO STINKING CUTE!!!

    I think my favorite Southern Phrase is "Hott Mess" ... I think this is my favorite because I am often a "hott mess"

    Happy Thursday!

  2. LOVe THIS! Bless your heart :) I say it all the time, ha! It can be a 'nice' way to say something to someone, but all of us southern girls know what it really means ;) Out of the five though, I love 'Lord Have Mercy'

  3. I know this is not very original, but I am a Texas girl, remember. So in honor of being so, my saying is simple, I guess it's more of a Southern slang..."Fixin'ta". Like, "We are fixin'ta leave." or "Are you fixin'ta come over?"

    I am doing a pretty fab giveaway today too! Make sure to enter!!

    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  4. I think my favorite Southern saying would have to be "Shut Your Mouth!" I just think it is SO southern to be in the middle of listening to someone tell a story and say Shut Your Mouth in a drawl :]

  5. TOO FUN! My favorite southern saying is definitely, "Bless Your Heart!"


    Well, it is one I've heard many times growing up in Tennessee from my mother, grandmother, & especially my great grandmother {who passed away recently}. When I hear it, I think of these amazing women that God blessed me with and I can't help but smile! :)

  6. How adorable are these!? Love me some southern sayings!

  7. Oh, this is TOOO cute.

    Oddly enough "Lord have Mercy" is my all time fave. I use it many times a day. And the funny thing attached to it now is that my 20 months old niece is in that "repeating" stage.. and the other day a family member did something strange and everyone gave the "I know you didnt look" and my sweet innocent niece pipes in "Lord have Mercy".

    Ice breaker. :)

  8. So cute!

    I love "I do declare" My grandmother always says that, and I love it, so perfectly southern. When ever I hear that I can't help but think of her!



  9. This is such a fun giveaway! I think my favorite would have to be "Hold your Horses." Growing up my dad always said that. I've never been a patient person, especially when I was younger. And I may have been a bit of a spoiled only child. So I heard "hold your horses" alllll the time growing up! It was my dad's way of telling me to chill out. And I am a token daddy's girl, so anything that reminds me of my dad has a special place in my heart :)

  10. One of my favorite southern sayings is 'Got your feathers ruffled' when someone is upset and pouting.... I mean what am I chicken? ;) Great give away!

  11. My favorite saying is Hey Y'all! I love, love, love being raised in the South and knowing that people understand how we are down here. NYC is my favorite place in the world to visit, and on my first trip I was stopped first thing and asked where I was from. It gave me chills and made me so thankful that people noticed that I was from the greatest place on earth!

  12. Hey Y'all is my favorite saying for the South! NYC is my favorite place in the world, to visit and on my first trip I was stopped first thing and asked where I was from. Love being raised in a place like Mississippi!

  13. "Lord have mercy" is definitely my favorite it just reminds me of both of my grandmothers and my greatgrandmothers sooo much any time my grandma get's a good piece of gossip or just hears something she didn't know about someone that's exactly what she says! And the face she makes that goes with it priceless! I guess it just reminds me of my family and all the crazy women in it lol she's from Missouri to so the way she says it is amazing lol

  14. My favorite southern saying EVER is "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit." It's my favorite because it's hilarious and a good alternative to foul language. =) It cracks me up every time.

    Out of the choices, though, my favorite would probably be "Hey Y'all" simply because I use it ALL THE TIME. It just comes out. I love hearing little old ladies saying "heaven to betsy" thought. I just love being in, of, & from the south!

  15. I love the "Hey Yall", "Lord Have Mercy" and "Bless your heart" bc I say all of those on a daily basis ha! Especially "Bless Your Heart." I mean can you get any more southern and perfect than that!!

  16. LOVE THIS!!! I have to say my favorite is "Well Bless your heart." - because it's so fun. I hear it all the time and NEVER heard it until I moved to the South 7 years ago.

  17. This is so cute! What a great giveaway!

    I love the "Hold Your Horses" one because me and my boyfriend are moving in together in 3 months and we're both get so excited about certain things like buying new furniture even though we don't have a place yet - literally have said let's hold our horses on this one several times because of our impulsive nature! So this would be something cute to put up in our future place together. :)


  18. Love her work! My favorite Southern saying is "Bless Your Heart". My grandma was from Georgia, and while she married my Grandpa and moved to the midwest when she was 16, she never stop using that saying. It's one of my favorite things she's held on to from the south. That and her cooking!

  19. I <3 "Bless your heart"

  20. I love "well, shut my mouth!"

  21. Get giveaway, I love the 'lord have mercy' print, but my favorite saying is "I love you more than college gameday", nicest thing I ever told my hubby :)

  22. My favorite southern saying has to be "Where are your people from?" I work in my (small) college town and when I first started, allllll of the older customers would ask about my "people". I found out if I talked to them long enough, somehow someway they would know one of my grandparents or great grandparents. Gotta love Mississippi!

  23. Haha! I love all of grandma is a big fan of "I do declare"!
    My personal faves would have to be "plum-tuckered out" or "John Brown it!"
    One of my roommates last year said she was plum-tuckered out and our other roommate had to ask her what in the world that meant! ;)
    And as for John Brown mom was cutting my hair when I was about 3 years old and my older brother was convinced that she was "hurting" me with the scissors and he kept trying to pull them away from her and she said "John Brown it, Hunter if you don't leave me alone, I swear!" --we have it on home hilarious!!


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