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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First up is: What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy !

This is What I Wore Cinco de Mayo edition ! I actually wore three different outfits on Saturday, but this one was my favorite! I bought this dress at a little boutique in Charleston on King Street. I wish I remembered the name of the shop, but it escapes me now.

My favorite part of this dress is the colorful fish pattern. I couldn't help buying it when I laid eyes on it because it is just so unique. This is one of those dresses that I've never seen anyone else wearing.

These adorable tiny wedge flats were on sale at Old Navy for $12! And I am obsessed. I've worn them three times since Thursday and they are really comfortable. They looked great paired with the fish dress! 


Second is some Oh, How Pinteresting with The Vintage Apple!

My own little personal theme is: Beauty Salon, because I am thinking of getting a makeover by end of the end of May. Here are my ideas.

1. Go back to my natural hair color, which looks like this..

2. Get a body wave, so I can have wavy hair all the time. 


3. Maybe get some shorter and whispy bangs 

4. Oh, and get my nails done while I am there. 

Most importantly, should I go back to my natural hair color and get a body wave? Thoughts ?? 

pleated poppy


  1. Omg! Cute dress. It reminds me of an outfit at a fashion show I attended this weekend. Check out my log post post fr pics

  2. Cute outfit! And I'm trying to go back to my natural color too...which looks exactly like that. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

  3. cute outfit and from a straight haired girl, i love the body wave

  4. i really love your dress!!!! And yes, do go get a body wave. I love how waves look so fun, girly, and flirty. =)

  5. Love your fishy dress! How adorable.

    I always consider going back to my natural hair color and then I chicken out. I'm excited to hear what you decide. :)

  6. i love those old navy sandals! :)

  7. I love all of those hair colours and styles, just beautiful! Brunette is the best :)

    Here's my latest pins -

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  8. i love your outfit! and those shoes are adorable!!

  9. I love your wedges! I'd go with a wave for summer!

  10. I love that dress!! I would go back to your natural color and get the wave! My hair is that dark and I have naturally curly hair - which is fabulous for summer styles!

  11. HOLY cow, now I need to go find sparkle nail polish!!!!

  12. I love bangs but for summer it would be too hot the body wave... all the way! also, I want my nails to look like that!

  13. Loving that hair color and the wave!!

  14. Super fun dress...can I borrow? ;) And I have been thinking about cutting bangs too...I just keep chickening out! Can't wait to see what you decide...and are you sure you still don't want to tell me your secret interview? ;)

  15. I definitely vote for natural color and wave!

  16. Hey, Britt: I came over to introduce myself because another blogger told me you live in Birmingham-- so do I! I thought I'd drop in and check you out. :wink: Lookin' good! I say go with the body wave. Normally, I'm into doin' what is most natural, and sticking with what God gave you. But those pics make wavy hair look too gorgeous!

  17. that dress is super cute!! and i saw those wedges at ON but i had to pas on them. a body wave, get it because i will get it so my hair is wavy all the time so we can be wavy twins

  18. Those sandals are too cute! We went to Charleston one summer for vacation and we walked up and down King street numerous times. I loved it. There was also an amazing cupcake place on King street. SO good.


  19. I love your natural color!
    And what the heck is a body wave?!
    It sounds awesome lol - especially if your hair looks like those pictures...DO ITTT :)

    happy Wednesday, girl!

  20. I'm super curious about the body wave so if you do go for it please blog about it in great detail. I have natural wave in my hair but it's like 80's perm wave... not cute.

    I haven't had anything chemical done to my hair since the early 90's that was when I got my last spiral perm... I've never gone back... but a light wave would be rocking if it gave you the results in the pictures above.

    Natural color = best option if you are going to be getting any other chemical work done... less drying but be warned they will probably make you do one... then do the other at different times. If they don't be careful.. I wouldn't think they would wave you and color you @ the same time... :)

    YAY for make-overs. I need a hair cut so bad.. I look like a redneck pretending she's kim kardashian right now!

  21. Cute dress and sandals! Natural color and waves sound great!

  22. I love your dress and sandals. I think getting some wave would be pretty, I always envy girls with wavy silky locks! It would look great :)

  23. I've never heard of a body wave but it sounds very intriguing!

  24. Love your Cinco de Mayo outfit! Very festive :)

  25. Ooooh I love your fun, colorful fish dress and your bright sandals! I would totally wear that outfit! I love Old Navy sandals - I feel like I get a fun pair every spring and they are always my faves... plus you can't beat the price!


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