Interview: Alexa Vega

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello friends!

I am so excited to have a special guest here today, Alexa Vega, who will be interviewed about her fashion style and favorites. I just had so much fun asking her these questions! I admire her laid back style & I know you will too! My favorite part of this interview was finding out how relatable her style is, and that I can buy some of her favorite products at Victoria's Secret! I won't give away much more, so go ahead and read her interview below to find out more!

Alexa's Liebes Kind Bag :

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed learning more about Alexa! She is just the nicest person, and I really enjoyed getting to know her better.
Thank you so much to Alexa, for doing this interview with me! I am so happy to have had you on here! Come back anytime !

I'd would now like to give a special thank you to Emily, from Hope Squared, who designed the beautiful interview layout for me! This girl did a wonderful job, and I am so appreciative of her help with this! Thank you again!


  1. Wow for real, how did you get to interview such a starlet?! That's awesome!

    Xo shane

  2. So much fun!!!! Love it and she seems so down to earth!!! xoxo!

  3. Thanks again for letting me help with this. Great interview.

  4. Great interview!!! She seems so nice and fun! :)

  5. Awesome interview!! I love that bag, too!

  6. This was so much fun, Britt! Well done!! The cat is finally out of the bag!! ;) Loved it!

  7. Such a fun post to read!
    And Emily did a great job with the layout :)


  8. wow what a cool interview!!!!

  9. How fun! She actually seems like a real person; I loved reading this.

  10. She seems like a really sweet person. I totally agree with her on the "sexy without trying" thing, too.

  11. This is super neat! She seems like such a sweet person!

  12. Alexa is simply precious and seems really down-to-earth. And I love Emily Hope!


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