Survival Mode

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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So this is a post that I think is kind of overdue. My life as a medical student's wife is not rainbows and butterflies, by all means. I love being married and I love my husband so much, but we don't have a typical newlywed life. The week before an exam, I often think I could paint the house lime green, and he wouldn't notice. He stays in his cave from 5-11pm every night with usually only a 1 hour break {for dinner}. Sometimes he'll finish at 10, and we can watch a show really quick, but that's rare.

Sometimes it's hard to see other friends, family, or bloggers who have husbands who get home at 5pm everyday. I even think how lucky the women with husband's in law school are for having one year less. The hardest part of doing all this is knowing that these are some of the "better" years since it will only get more busy from here on out uuntil he is out of residency and fellowship.

I often try not to think about it too much, but Joel will be finished with his first year of medical school {YAY JOEL, So Proud of You!!} on Friday, and I can't help to think how quickly it's gone by and how fast the "busier" time is coming. I am a very futuristic person, so it's hard not to imagine what it will be like. So, instead I try to focus on other things that will be happening during those years. For instance, myself going back to school, starting my photography again, hopefully opening a boutique, and starting a family. It kind of is easy once I'm distracted and thinking of those exciting times. So, for now, that is my cure. I am not sure if it will stop working, but maybe it will help others who may be going through the same thing.

Onto SURVIVAL MODE. Here is a week in the life of ME, and how I keep busy during exam time.

What I actually did:
laid on the couch & watched netflix most of the day.
Then moved outside to a folding chair and sunbathed.
Came back in and amused myself with Pinterest.
Played with Rayne

Cook bubble up enchiladas {check!}
Watch the Bachelorette {check!}
Do some Laundry {check!"
Respond to blog emails {almost a check!}
Read 50 Shades of Grey {didn't quite get to that due to blog emails}

**Tuesday will be slightly different now that sweet little Rayne is in the hospital for a mystery illness.

Cook Spaghetti {20 minutes}
Watch American Idol
Put away laundry
Respond to blog emails
Read 50 Shades of Grey {going to do it tonight}
Probably won't see Joel tonight, besides for dinner. Last night's animal hospital trip kind of threw things off.

A long walk with Rayne if she is feeling better
Dinner w/ a fellow med school wife  !
Watch American Idol / Blog
Read 50 Shades of Grey
Pack for trip to LOUISIANA!
Pushing it, but maybe 45 minutes of hang out time with Joel when he is done studying

Leftovers {20 minutes hang out time}
Laundry Pack Laundry Pack
Carrie Underwood jam session
Load up car
50 Shades of Grey
I'm going to guess 30 minutes total hang out time with Joel after he is done studying.

After 10:30am we are Louisiana bound see our friends and family! We have not been home since Christmas!

As you can see, I've found some new TV shows to get addicted to, that take up time on 3 days of the week. All the things you read from my "plan" I do alone. Occasionally, Joel will help with the clean up because he feels bad, but other than that, it's me a little Rayne.

Honestly, you may read this and think how terrible it is, but I am so used to this schedule that it almost feels normal. Often I get too engulfed in something, and he will come out of his cave and want to hang out, and then it will be me saying wait, "5 more minutes".

A lot of ladies message me about my life as a medical student's wife, so I thought it was about time to post some personal stories about my experiences with it.

****Rayne Update****
Still no news. She was taken to the Animal Hospital at 12:30 this morning because she was yelping and in so much pain. The Vet cannot figure out what is wrong with her and is trying to empty her stomach. They did that, and still can see the mass around her abdomen. We are just praying she doesn't need surgery. Will keep you posted VIA Twitter!


  1. Poor Rayne! Hope everything ends up being okay!

    I share your woes. J has just finished his first year of optometry school (yay!) but there is still so much to come. I think that it will get better for you once you are in school again. I'm in grad school so I have a lot of studying and homework to occupy my time. It doesn't seem quite as lonely when J is studying all day and evening when I have stuff to do as well (we usually try to be done by 10 so we can watch a fave show too!). I always just try to think that in a handful of years--all of this will just be a memory and life goes on.

    Hang on girl! We can get through this :)

  2. I sort of feel your pain! My fiance is a police officer, so along with that comes a never ending rotating schedule. It's so hard to make plans, and when he's working evening shift I sometimes don't see him all week. Just part of it, right? I'm so proud of him in his career and seeing him shine that it makes it all worth it (most days) haha. I'm sure you're the same! I hope you have a wonderful trip home! I keep meaning to start reading 50 Shades of Grey too but I just haven't found the time to sit down and dive in. :)

  3. I totally feel your pain. When married to a soldier, you expect deployments to be hard and you can prepare for them. What I have found harder is the days/weeks at a time that he is gone for training. Those were unexpected and harder than I thought they would be.

  4. that would be really hard to not have time with your husband. my husband travels for work and I hate when he is gone! hoping your rayne is okay!!

  5. I can't imagine. My hubs works late on Mondays (it was 8 p.m. last night) and I absolutely hate that, so I know it has to be rough. I think I would be horrible about bothering mine if he were in the same house too.

    Good luck with getting through the next few years!!!

  6. Love to meet your AMAZING blog.! Very charming and stylish.
    I'm a new follower thru Google, follow back please. :)


  7. holy cow - that would be so hard. just last night i was telling my husband (we're both still in undergrad) how i don't want to grow up and have him have a job where he is gone from 9 - 5 everyday because we'll never see each other. normally we're at school but we can take lunch together or meet in the library and at least come home to study together at night. i don't know how you do it.

  8. That is hard. Our life was like that for a year when my husband started his new job (aka corporate slave) but he has managed to make it be a normal 9-5 (ish) job. Keep strong!

  9. Oh my gosh, I hope Rayne is okay! How scary. Keep us posted!

    Another thing to look forward to - second semester of 4th year. Y practically hasn't left the house since January!

  10. my oh my you have a busy productive week. the important thing is you get your AI fix on!! I can't wait to see the performances tonight... totes rooting for Phillip since they rigged results and booted Joshua off WOMP!

    you're gonna have a great time with your man, so keep your eyes on the prize sweet girl!


  11. Poor Rayne!! I hope she gets better soon! And I am in the exact same boat, keeping busy by myself while Connor studies 24/7. One day it will all be worth it! Can't wait for dinner tomorrow pretty lady!

  12. My hubs is in grad school for systems engineering and I hate it so much. I thought his normal army schedule was bad (leaving at 5am for PT and not returning home until 7pm) but this is much, much worse. During the week, he comes home just in time to give the boys a bath, we eat dinner then he retreats to the office to study until 11. He takes Friday night and Saturday off, but spends all day at the library on sundays. I feel your pain!

  13. Fifty Shades of Grey? DO IT when you don't have anything planned because once you pop, you can stop! :)


  14. I hope your puppers is okay!

    My hubby works late or is in an evening meeting most nights. Some nights I pout about it, and other times I make sure I call up friends and set up dinner dates etc. I am also looking up different classes I could take, like a cooking class. Maybe you could try that?

  15. Hang in there , Britt! Call, email or tweet me anytime to chat!! This won't be forever!! Hang in there!! love ya!


  16. Praying for that sweet puppy! Hope everything is okay...keep us updated! And thinking about you, hoping this week flies by for you and you'll get some QT with your hubby SOON! You can do it :)

  17. I can understand to an extent as my husband works in the professional football industry here in Australia so during the season he works so many nights and weekends, it feels like we barely see him. Also sorry to hear about your puppy. I once had a dog I loved as a family member and it's horrible when they are ill.

  18. Hang in there! It will get better! In some ways I think my husband and I were lucky because we were both in med school and had no kids, so we could study in caves together. Enjoy the time that you do have together!


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