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Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank y'all SO much for linking up yesterday with Jessica and I for the From Blog Life to Real Life party! I am almost halfway reading everyone's posts and cannot wait to finish reading them! I have already been introduced to some incredible ladies that I am so happy I found! It is still open for the next 5 days, so join the fun if you still want to. I really hope to continue the link to monthly or bi monthly since so many loved it! So stay tuned :) 

Also, Miss Rayne has something to tell y'all..... 
"I'm really not a fan of you bloggers. My Mom spends too much time talking to y'all and I don't like it. Can't she just pick up my slobbery ball and throw it to me instead? I thought standing in front of the computer would make my Mom stop, but she's still ignoring me. Until these cool peeps start sending me free dog toys/bones, then I'm not impressed with the Hana hair dryer my mom is getting in the mail." 

Literally, I blogged with our dog in my face while I typed this entire post. That's skills people. But, really, she probably wishes she could chew up this laptop without getting in trouble. I mean look at that stank eye in the picture on the right... Diva... 

Now time to introduce y'all to my sponsors!! They are so incredibly sweet too, I literally adore each one and love reading their blogs! You will love them, so go introduce yourself :) 

Meet Britta! She is so incredibly sweet and I just recently fell in love with her blog! Her life is so adventurous, you will want to trade places with her! 
      Blog //  Pinterest // Twitter
Hello, The Magnolia Pair readers! My name is Britta and my blog is The Boots Parade. I started my blog last year after I had made the really big move from New Jersey to Costa Rica. I moved to Costa Rica to be with my boyfriend after doing the long distance thing for a while. Now I am a first year teacher of 7th and 8th grade English and definitely learning just as much as I am teaching! My blog reflects a little bit of my work, a little bit of my life in Costa Rica, and a lot of other little things in between. I would love to have you stop my my blog and introduce yourself! 


Next up is the adorable Sarah, and I just love her blog! I mean seriously, she is so cute! I wish we were neighbors so we could share our love for dogs! 
Hi Magnolia Pair readers, I'm Sarah and I blog over at Total Basset Case! On my blog I write about all sorts of things that I love and that make up my life.  These things include (but are certainly not limited to) our crazy basset hound, Floyd, the hubs (Mister), recipes, meal planning, DIY projects around the house, and fashion. And wine. And diet coke- you know, the necessities. 

Heather is the beauty behind Diary of a Simple Life, and she is so sweet! She is from Louisiana, so of course she is just a charm! I visit her blog to get a taste of home :) 
Hey Y'all! I'm Heather, and I blog at Diary of a Simple Life.  I'm a HR Director and Stella & Dot Stylist from Louisiana (like Britt!) I blog about my outfits, my love for shopping (for a good deal), beauty reviews, my adorable pups, and a few healthy recipes!  Stop by and leave me a note!

I seriously love these ladies and follow their adorable blogs, so I know you will like them too ! 

Y'all have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Friday :) 


  1. such a cute pup and i love checking out new blogs! happy friday!

  2. Hahaha I love the stank eye picture....classic!
    Boots usually just trumps across my keyboard when she wants my attention haha!

    Happy weekend, girl :)

  3. If I'm doing anything but playing with my sweet puppies I'm getting that look. I completely understand. Looking forward to visiting these three great blogs now. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. I love finding new blogs! Plus your pictures are hilarious, our chihuahua is usually on my lap like that too!

  5. What lovely sponsors. I'm off to check out all of their blogs right now. :)

  6. They all seem cool and I love Heather! Thanks again for hosting the link up! I loved it <3

  7. Just started following your blog & i adore it!
    This year I am trying to make my dreams come true.

    follow back please & thank you!
    <3 kristin


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