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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So, today I am going to show you all of my favorite Pinterest finds for our new home, that we get to move into in less than a week! I can promise you that I will definitely take pictures and try to decorate everything quickly so I can show y'all! Everyone has been so sweet with their kind comments in being excited for our move! Thank you so much! And, thank y'all for hanging in there with me while I get through this hectic week. I promise I'll be a better blogger once we're settled in!

Moving and packing is no fun, but once we get settled and all our stuff is moved, decorating is SO fun, and I cannot wait for that! My mom will be here with her sewing machine, so she's bound to make some neat things for us!

Wanna see more of my Pinterest finds? Go Here to check out the rest!

I love the bamboo shades! We have all white furniture as well, so I just love the look they have compiled here.  
I love this shelving. We have a similar look in our apartment, so we've already got the materials to make this cute display happen! 
Gorgeous China Hutch! I just love everything about this hutch. I've been on the hunt to find one similar on craigslist and to give it a makeover so it will look similar! 
Love the ladder idea for hanging towels! I'd also love to hand other things on there too! 
A gallery wall. I am dying to get this started! I've got to collect some more frames though! 
We have a built in book case in our new house, and I can't wait to change some things up to give it a similar look. I just love the bird cages. 
I just adore the curtains above the shades! How gorgeous is this look? This is exactly the look I'll be going for. 
Love the side tables and the decor on top. So pretty.

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And here are a few things that I am loving: 

I am loving how supportive and uplifting my husband is with a certain situation going on in our lives. Our life is not rainbows and butterflies, and the news we are hoping for may not come. He has been so positive and made me feel so much better about it all last night, and I am so grateful to have him. Knowing and being reminded that we are in this together made me feel so happy that I am with him forever :) 

I am loving that we get to move in less than 5 days! I am so ready to start a new life there and decorate a new house! 

I am loving that my parents are coming in town to help us with our move. We will really need the help and are so thankful for it. Also, it will be great to spend time with them again! 

I am loving that Rayne puppy is so cuddly lately and just wants to nose into my blanket next to me. She must know she is getting a yard soon :) 

I am loving that Joel and I have almost been married for a year now! July 16th will be here before we know it! 

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Happy Wednesday Y'all ! I hope your day is so lovely ! 


  1. Love all these Idea. Looks like you really like the white and clean look, which is what I love as well.

  2. Ummm I am in love with that house...I think you need to recreate all of those rooms, and then invite me over to stay :) :) Happy Wednesday, pretty girl!

  3. All those pins look like they could be from the same home, I'm liking what you got going on here. *sing-songy*So fresh and so clean, clean.

  4. Adore those pins! I feel like Pinterest is constantly making me realize how much I need to re-do EVERYTHING in my home.

  5. Those rooms are so beautiful, and CLEAN! I absolutely want to do a gallery wall when we buy our own home. I'd also love to have all that white, but with a 6 year old it would never last. Heck, I'll admit it. .with ME it'd never last!

  6. I love the paint color in the first picture! And you are a brave woman with white furniture! Best of luck with your move!

  7. I am jealous, I wish we were moving into our own house! But am happy for you guys!

  8. Oh Me oh my I love all the ideas!!! Makes me want to redecorate my whole house, however I am terrified of white!!! How does it all work with a pup {that I notice gets on your furniture}... I feel like our baby boy would have it filthy in two days!!! Good luck with everyting and you are still in my prayers ;) xoxo!

  9. LOVE the shelving! In fact I love all of these pins!

  10. I love your ideas and I'm jealous you have a blank canvas (your new house) to implement all your ideas! I've always drooled over those bamboo shades. Have fun!!!

  11. in love with all these pinterest rooms, esp the white room with all the photos on the wall. would die for a room like that! cant wait to see your new home!


  12. I love that picture of the last room - so beautiful!!!

  13. These ideas are all so cute!! I'm so excited for you about your move. It's such a huge change and I can't wait to see how you make your new home your own. You'll get through the icky stuff soon enough and then get to the fun stuff! :)

  14. these ideas look great. so clean :) i hope everything goes smoothly on moving day! such an exciting time

  15. Ooo such great finds, I'm in love with decorating!! :)

  16. Hey nice blogging, i am so glad to visit your site..keep sharing with us:)

  17. aww getting a dream house and decorating it with my loved one is one of my dreams! So happy that you are living your dream. Stay happy!


  18. Amazing inspiration! And loving your upbeat positivity... I always try to find the silver lining too!

  19. if only all of our homes could be like pinterest. absolutely adore!!!
    xo TJ

  20. YES that shelving is ALL SO CUTE! Ugh, I just want to come live with you :)


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