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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well good day lovelies! Today is our first day "real" day in our house, HOUSE! So weird to say! I don't have internet until late today, so I won't be in full swing for a couple of days. I cannot wait till we are settled and things are all set up. And then, I cannot wait to get y'all pictures! That will be the most exciting thing for me to do! Although, that may be a couple of weeks since we'll be getting our walls painted, and y'all want the full effect right? By the way, light gray or light beige? Get back to me on your thoughts for a color on a dining room/living area color with a white couch and light blue pillows :D 

Okay, so since life is super hectic, and I cannot fathom coming up with a good blog post, the sweet Sarah is taking over my blog today! Isn't she just adorable? I've mentioned several times for you to head over to her blog, and I hope you did, because she is just the sweetest and I love her blog AND her basset hound, Floyd! She prepared a totally awesome post for y'all today, and I'm so excited to share it with y'all ! Thanks again Sarah !!  


Hello Magnolia Pair readers!
 I am Sarah from Total Basset Case 

  and I am so happy to be here today filling in while 
Britt is moving into her new HOUSE! 
Such an exciting time!!

I thought it was only appropriate with Britt moving into a new kitchen

 to share with you a few of my favorite kitchen essentials.

I like to cook. 
(the hubs is 100% okay with this)
so I know the importance of having a good

arsenal of kitchen gadgets.

Here are the 10 of my favorites:

1. KitchenAid Mixer: This one is a given. This was the first thing I registered for for our wedding and the very first item I unpacked in our new house.  I use my mixer for everything from baking to cooking (shredding chicken) to making pizza dough.

2. Mixing Bowls: I have a slight nesting bowl 'obsession' put it lightly.  

I love these from Martha Stewart because they are sturdy and are a good range of sizes.

3. Pizza Cutter: We eat a lot of 'za in our house, whether it is homemade or from a box (guilty), a good pizza cutter is vital and makes all the difference in the world.

4. Potato Masher: The Mister loves mashed potatoes so this is a necessary gadget in our kitchen.

5. Zester: I did not know what I was missing when I didn't have a zester in my life.  Not only is zesting fun (watch your fingers!), zest adds an amazing flavor to your dishes.

6. Pyrex Measuring Cups: My grandmother had these, my mom has these and I have them and love them.  They are so great for measuring and so much more!

7. Dish Towels: I love having colorful dish towels in the kitchen- they just make cooking more fun!

8. Silpat Mat: This mat is great for pizzas, cookies, and more.  It creates a great non stick surface and easy clean up!

9. Large Glass Canisters: I have 2 of these in my kitchen that hold my flour and sugar. I love the way the look on the counter but they also provide easy access while baking. 

10. Garlic Press: We go through A LOT of garlic in our house so a press is an absolute necessary item.  I prefer to use fresh, pressed garlic over the jar kind any day.  This gadget makes it so easy to add garlic quickly to any dish.

There you have it, some of my must haves for the kitchen!

What are some of your favorite gadgets?

Thanks again to Britt for having me over today

and best of LUCK with your move!!


  1. light gray! I have light gray in the guest bedroom and I absolutely love it, and gray, blue and white look amazing together! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. I agree, light gray also!
    I say this because a lot of my walls are light beige and I'm so tired of looking at it! Ha ha.
    Good kitchen choices! :)

  3. Light gray!!

    Thanks for having me today!! Can't WAIT to see pictures!

  4. Great post! The first thing that I unpack whenever I move is my kitchen aid mixer ... Im obsessed!

  5. We actually did not even register for a Stand Mixer - gasp! But my hubby's aunt is a serious cook & knew to buy us one anyway. I'm so happy she did, it makes my life so much easier! :)

    I've NEVER even heard of a garlic press before, but I've thought many times that a gadget would make handling fresh garlic much easier. Thanks for the tips! :)

  6. Thanks Sarah for sharing you're favorites! I have got to get some of #9 when we get more counter space in the kitchen!

  7. I have never used my Kitchenaid to shred chicken before! What a great idea!

  8. Ohh I love this, thanks lady!


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