What's in my makeup bag ?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today, I am traveling to the beautiful city of Nashville for the Country Music Festival! While I am gone, I decided to not leave y'all hanging and give you some good posts while I am gone. 
Maybe I'll run into Carrie Underwood while I am there? I mean, I ran into Taylor Swift three times back in 2009, so it can happen again! I can only hope :) 

So, today I am going to go over what is in my makeup bag! You can best bet that I've got this bag already packed and ready to go. These items are my essentials. I did a Vlog about a month back talking about all of my beauty products, so here are product names all organized for you. 

I swear by every item in this bag, especially that Bobbi Brown Bronzer, I seriously can't live without it. Coming in second are those sephora brushes, that let's be honest, need to be cleaned very badly. I can't tell you when the last time was. I've got a pinterest pin ready though for a homemade solution! 

My next favorite is that clinique repaire wear, voted top 10 liquid foundation! And, I can tell you that it's the best kind I've bought yet! It reflects your skin evenly in every light! 

Nars and Too faced eye shadows are my favorite! I always love the too faced pallets, and those little inspiration cards in the box, I feel like a rockstar when I do the little tutorial! 

Tarte blush is an all natural liquid that I fell in love with many years ago. I loved the stain it left, and looked so fresh. It really does give you that "glow" feel. 

White eye liner, my favorite under eye make up! Got some bags? All you need is a quick run under the eye and a dab in the tear duct area to instantly brighten your eyes!

And the rest, it's my basic favorites that are pretty self explanatory!

Let me know if we share any beauty favorites!

Also, later today I am going to be announcing a fun link up that myself and another blogger will be hosting! Be sure to come back for all the fun details !!

The Earrings Nation Giveaway ends tomorrow!! So, get your entires in soon !!

Over & Out ! 


  1. That Bobbi Brown bronzer is amazing stuff! Nars is my go to for eye shadow now. The colors are so fun!

  2. Ooooo thanks for sharing!! I am always so curious about what products/brushes people use!! Hope you are well my friend xoxo

  3. OO jealous!! Have a great trip!!

  4. thanks for sharing. i seriously need to get some new, quality make up! i just never know what to buy!

  5. Have funnn!!! Im going to be so jealous if you run into Carrie or Tay!! Or LivinginYellow- shes there too!

  6. Ok so I need to know...how on earth do you make those collage thingies!? Hook a sister UP!

  7. I love pretty much everything there. Isn't the Tarte cheek stain awesome! That's a gorgous shade of eyeshadow too (the NARS)!

  8. goodness... great make up staples (love me some bobbi brown!)
    Hope you had a great time in Nashville, it is where I currently reside, but I didn't get to take part in any of the CMA festivities this weekend (silly work!)


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