Happy Birthday Rayne Puppy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So, today is the day that Joel and I marked as her birthday! When we picked her up from the high kill shelter On August 26, 20011, they explained that she was 11 weeks old. We later found out that she was a mere 4 weeks old when we took her home. So we counted back a month, and said that this would be her day!

I cannot believe how much fun we've had with this little ball of energy! She really completes our family and brings us so much happiness and love.

You can read about the day we brought her home here. Since then, she has put a dent in our wallet by eating our carpet, and has brought us so much laughter! You can read some of her other posts here.

Rayne is a huge part of our life and even though she is bad at times, we still love her so much. I really hope she lives a long life with us and that our children can meet her one day. I am totally envisioning a Marley and Me moment when Rayne will greet our children by the driveway and walk them to the house. I look forward to that day :)

We love you Rayne Rue! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Rayne!!!! Our pups arent far from each other in age!!! I feel the same way! I hope Baby Reef takes a huge liking to his future brothers or sisters! <3

  2. Happy Birthday! She is so cute!!

  3. Yay for you adopting from a high kill shelter! Happy birthday to your little babe! That is SUCH a cute puppy pic!

  4. What a darling little nugget you have! I have a soft spot for these stories...our little one was set to be euthanized as well before we adopted him! Happy happy birthday to Rayne!

  5. so cute!!
    p.s. love your blog layout!!
    check out our blog, maybe we can follow each other? :)

  6. aww happy birthday Rayne! we don't know Coop's bday either but we're going to celebrate his A (adoption) day this August :)

    he too is a carpet eater...

  7. such a sweet fur baby! Crazy how they quickly steal our hearts... and eat the carpet! hehe

  8. Omg that last picture of her is adorable!!

    My pup hasn't cost me any carpet but she's now eaten two $25 pillows, grr!

  9. So Dang Adorable :)! LOVE IT, Happy Birthday!

  10. It's so great that you adopted her - I'll never understand why people put dogs so tiny into a killing shelter (or abandon them at all, for that matter). Happy birthday! xo Anja

  11. Happy birthday to one of the most fashionable pups! It's hard to get angry with them when they chew up everything because they are just so cute. I hope the future kiddies will have many adventures with her.


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