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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, I saw this from Jenni, then realized Kristin was the mastermind, so since she's basically my new blog obsession, I am joining in on the fun :)

I started out funny, then got serious, then got funny again... Enjoy the roller coaster, ha!

You would know that I am shy until I get to know someone, then I can't seem to shut up.

You'd know that I am a huge animal lover. I can sob my eyes out during water for elephants, but not shed a tear when a human dies in a movie. Side note: I have gotten better at crying in movies when humans die..

You would know that I hate my toe nails long and clip them way too short.. And love my fingernails long (even though I bite them sometimes).

You would know that I am just about the most indecisive person ever. I purposely did not have a detailed wedding because I could never decide on one thing. For example, on my wedding day I only wore one piece of jewelry (earrings) because I simply couldn't decide on the rest. Same goes for the rest of that day. 

You would know that I am very sensitive. I don't handle confrontation or mean people too well. Although, give me a a drink and I'll put your words back in your mouth.

You'd know that I don't like to wear make up. The thought of having to wash it off just annoys me.

You'd know that I don't share space well.

You'd know that I am a night owl, and if you wake me up before 10am on the weekend, than you've awaken a monster.

You'd know that I never had a best girl friend. I always was the awkward third wheel joining in on two people who were already BFF. But, I finally found my best friend, and I married him. Side Note: Husband has the exact same story :) 

Well, this was fun! If you have any questions after reading this, you can ask me Here

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  1. I love this! I may be joining in as well. You and I are a lot alike. I'm the same with confrontation, shy around new people, and dont share space well either!

  2. i am SERIOUSLY indecisive too! drives my hubby nuts! :)

  3. the sleeping, the make up, the decisiveness (or lack there of) we are basically twins! lol my brother tried to ask me a question this past weekend and came into my room to wake me up (8.30am) apparently I threw a book at him. i don't know tho, I was asleep :D


  4. The part about feeling like a third wheel is so me! I always felt like that girl - glad I'm not the only one.

  5. Love your post. Now I feel like I know you. lol. I'm slightly indecisive too. It's such a problem. Especially when I feel like I really like something and begin to question myself. ugh!!!


  6. Loved this Britt! Aren't they so fun!? I have to admit though, that I got the idea from Al over at Traffic Jelly :-) Nothing new under the sun! Ha! I'm a night owl too (trrrryyyyying to get sleepy right now since I have an early morning class tomorrow! But it's not working...), I cry like a baby at all animal movies, and have "only child syndrome" too - since I was an only child for 9 years before my sister was born! - So great to learn all these little facts about you :-)

  7. This was so fun! I just may have to copy cat too!!! It's a great way to learn more about everyone. And we are so much alike...indecisive, sensitive and a complete night owl!!
    I have been missing you!!

  8. This was fun! I'm also a shy person until I get to know you. It's funny how blogging works because in real life I'd never talk to complete strangers but in the blogging world I'll go comment on strangers' blogs and it's no big deal. Haha. I'm NOT a morning person either Even when I'm up, it takes me about another hour or two before I'm even fully wake. My husband is the complete opposite. He's totally a morning person. He enjoys waking me up for work, but then quickly leaves because I'm so not excited to be up. ha.

  9. I've seen a few posts like this around and want to join in the fun! It also sounds like you and I are very similar! I'm also very shy/chatty at the same time... I can't keep my nails long, though! They break so easy. And those wedding decisions? The worst. I changed all my colors with only a few weeks to spare... and I made the folks at the venue make all the other decisions for me! I gave them a budget ans said, "do it." Haha!

  10. love this! fun way to get to know someone that you wouldn't know just from reading their blog!

  11. My hubby is my best friend too!

  12. I swear if we lived closer we would most def. be BFF as all of those descriptions fit me too a T!!! We have so much in common it's kinda scary ;) Loved learning more about you!! Those are my favorite kinds of posts!!! And yay for having hubbys as bffs!!!

  13. Love this! And love hubbies as bffs :)

  14. I am the same way about movies/tv with animals that die. I will sob my eyes out. I'd much rather see a person die than an animal! (that sounds awful)

  15. I'm the exact same way about animals in movies. Usually if a movie has an animal in it, I won't watch it because 99% of the time, something bad happens to the animal. HAve you seen I Am Legend?? That one was the worst. I also had the same feelings during Castaway... I cried more for that volleyball than I ever have about anything, I think!!

    I hate washing off makeup too. I keep face wipes by my bed so I can pretty much do it while sleeping!

  16. yay, a fellow night owl! i am a total night owl, too. it's kind of awesome.

  17. "You would know that I am very sensitive. I don't handle confrontation or mean people too well. Although, give me a a drink and I'll put your words back in your mouth. "

    OMG YES that is me.


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