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Monday, July 23, 2012

Well it's Monday already, huh? I don't know about y'all but I am really enjoying these summer weekends. There's always something exciting going on whether it's celebrating birthdays, BBQ's, weddings, etc. August is approaching fast, so I am going to try to enjoy every last weekend with the husband, because once school starts for him, weekends like these won't come too often.

As mentioned all last week, I am over the moon about my canon 5D camera that I got, so I took a lot of time to get used to it over the weekend. As you can see, I am not in any of the pictures below... No, I don't trust anyone with my camera yet... not even my husband. So, maybe next time? Sorry folks.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! And for the fellow Batman fanatics...go read my character chatter below!

Friday night we went camping in our backyard living room. Yep, pulled out the sleeping bags and all. 

Even Rayne joined in...and pink teddy bear..
Saturday we spent a lot of time outside and I spent time just admiring our backyard a little bit. I am still so excited to have one! 
I was a good cheerleader while the husband built our new patio furniture :) 

I also kept him good and hydrated. That's important ladies! 
Spent lots of time admiring my flowers that Joel got me for our One year :) I'm not very traditional as you can see. No roses for this girl!

This little brat loves being outside so much that she pays no attention to Joel and I when were outside. It's becoming a problem. 

After a long day of work and errands, we decided to treat ourselves to some steak! It was so good y'all! Oh, and clearly, I should not be a food photographer...that photo is awful, ha.

Then on Sunday, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises... which I had been putting off seeing since that's my movie, y'all. After seeing Batman Begins, I was hooked on the series and knew more about Batman than my guy friends. The trilogy ending was kind of bittersweet.Joel really wanted to see it, so I bit the bullet and we bought tickets for Sunday.I was an emotional mess the ENTIRE time. I swear the girl next to me regretted telling me that her seat was open because I think she wanted to slip me a XANAX. With all of the ups and downs of that movie and thinking about who could/would/should die, I was in tears I'd say 75% of the over 2 hour film. 
But, I do need to say that I (of course) loved the film and thought it was incredible. With the way it ended I really do have peace of mind and hope for it to continue. Maybe Nolan will change his mind, and Bale too? 

Character Chatter: {Some SPOILERS..So, do not read if you don't want to know!!}
Bruce AKA Batman: Did a really good job, duh. I'm really glad he ages well. And, I loved watching him go from a cripple to literally superhero!
Cat Woman: Gosh Anne Hathaway was a badass in this movie, and I am glad they picked her for the part. I love a girl in action, who does it well.That kiss at the end. And then, the end end... amazing! Still in awe over her and Batman living happily ever after :)
Robin: Perfect Perfect cast. I swear, could he be any cuter and perfect for this role? Favorite part was definitely the bus scene at the end when he tries to give those kids hope. melted my heart. And, now I'm hopeful he'll begin/keep the series going? 
Alfred: Always perfect. I lost it at the end when Alfred cried and said he had failed his parents. I was really hoping at the very end when he sees Bruce in Italy, that they would hug it out, ya know... oh well. 
Fox: I mean, I started crying the second he came on the screen. This guy just melts my heart. And, I don't even want to begin on my thoughts when he was climbing the ladder as the water was pouring in. 
Commissioner Gordon: He...does not age well. Poor guy. But, he did a good job in this movie. Maybe because he had a somewhat smaller part this time, he didn't really shine, ya know. Except when he was on the bus. That was his one time to shine. 
Miss Tate: Aka bad woman.... I really loved her and loved that her and Bruce Ahem 'got it on'. So, when I found out she was the bad guy, I was super mad. Even though as a newbie to Batman, she did amazing. The goal was to convince, and dang, she did it good. 
Bane: Ridiculously scary character. I mean, terrifying really. And, I couldn't understand what he was saying half the time. Kinda made me mad. But, I loved the plot with him as the the bad guy. It was amazing what they did with the story. 
Cillian Murphy AKA Scarecrow: I am SO glad he made an appearance in this movie. Am I the only one googly-eyed for him? He had me at the mere age of 16-17 for sure. 

Okay, I just had to talk about it a bit. Clearly I have an obsession. 

Hope y'all had an awesome weekend! Anyone else see the Dark Knight Rises? You know I'd love to chat with you about it :)


  1. I love your dog!

    Wasn't Dark Knight Rises SO good!!! I told my hubby walking out of the theatre it made me feel like karate chopping things!

  2. Love the pictures! I'm jealous and now I want a new camera...even though I'm not really into photography haha! And I ALWAYS love pictures of Rayne. Also, y'all have the same patio furniture as us!! We love it! I hope y'all do too!

  3. Love the picture of the flowers :) and you crack me up about your obsession with batman :)

  4. Nope. Didn't see the movie, but looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Your photos look spectacular! Love the "camp out" ("camp-in?") idea, complete w/ sweet pooch and toy :-) (our dogs go "deaf" outside too...grrrr..._ Cute little checker-board patio!

  5. I saw it! I thought it was great! I've never seen the first though and I'm not super rehearsed in all the characters but I still really enjoyed it!

  6. Your yard looks so cute! I hope we get to see more pics of your new place. Im a no roses girl too. Never liked them.

    I haven't seen batman yet, but I think it's in the plans :)

  7. Brit! I loved that y'all went camping in your living room, too cute!!! Oh school is coming so close... don't remind me :\ && We saw Batman this weekend too! I completely agree with you on all your comments, it was just awesome! Have a good week!!

  8. Brit! I loved that y'all went camping in your living room, too cute!!! Oh school is coming so close... don't remind me :\ && We saw Batman this weekend too! I completely agree with you on all your comments, it was just awesome! Have a good week!!

  9. Great snaps girlie... love how you can blur out a part of the picture!! And kudos to your models for being great sports ;)

    xoxo, Bev

  10. How cute you went camping in your living room!

    I saw the movie and thought it was very well made. It even gave me nightmares. Haha.

  11. Love the pictures and congrats on your anniversary! Your dog is so cute :) xx


  12. fabulous photos! What lens did you get with your new 5D?


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