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Monday, August 13, 2012

Today, I debated on writing a post or not. I told myself I would not post until I responded to every comment from the last two posts, and well I did it. Lately I've felt the need to make sure I acknowledge my readers more. This summer has been so laid back, and I have been lazy with emails. Y'all give me so much support and I try to remember that no matter how many emails I get. So cheers!

Onto this weekend... Remember last week I made a list of things to get done before September? Well, we're scratching off things people and I am so excited that the house is starting to look like an actual house! I PROMISE I will start the Home Tour series this week. That's a promise. More like a a personal threat to myself that I need to get my shiz together and just do it. Here's a little sneak peak of what we've been doing this weekend!

Saturday we started on the gallery wall. We woke up at 7:30 to catch some garage sales, and after going to two horrible ones, we hit the gold mine on the third and we did good people. That would be 9 picture frames and a medium size straw basket (not pictured) for $40. I left with a really big smile on my face. I spray painted them and pulled out our white frames to put together a mock up for the wall. It's up, and we just have a few frames to fill now! After all of this, Joel and I rewarded ourselves by going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for yummy food and margaritas!

I worked on painting our china hutch on Saturday, then Joel took over on Saturday evening and Sunday to finish the rest while I did household cleaning. He did good. Very good. I may make him my personal crafting assistant! This hutch was really ugly y'all. I think we gave it life. Thanks to Annie Sloan chalk paint, it's a beauty! We used Old Ochre and Soft wax. Have you heard of her paint? No, go visit her store right now. It's basically a crafter's dream paint. No sanding, no priming...just paint! It's amazing.

+ Un pack ALL boxes 1/2 way done
+ Set up Joel's office 1/2 way done
+ Paint the China Hutch DONE
+ Get gallery wall photos/prints printed DONE
+ Work on the front yard On track!
+ Spray paint our mailbox 
+ Get one room done each weekend On track!
+ Accomplish above and take photos for Home Tour posts! Almost there
+ Go garage sale hopping, and find more vintage frames DONE
+ Find fabric for our couch pillows DONE
+ Organize the pantry 
+ Get our single chair re-upholstered (that's a stretch)
+ Put mirror up in master bedroom 
+ Hang netting on our bed 
+ Find and buy a dryer... this is a funny/sad story really.

I am really proud y'all ! We have been working so hard to get our house ready :) Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend! After readings other blogs today, I think it was home improvement weekend for many! 



  1. You are scratching things off your list!! yippeee can't wait for the tour to start!

  2. Britt!! It all looks so good!! You should be VERY proud of yourself. We moved before y'all and you are way ahead of me girl! I'm excited to see the pictures of everything!!!!

  3. Wow, it looks amazing! Where can you buy the chalk paint? I'm looking to repaint our kitchen table!

  4. slowly but surely! it is so much fun that you and joel can do all of this together .. you are surely making some lifelong memories of building your first house together :)

  5. OH MY GOSH! I am dying. DYING. to paint an old china cabinet. I found one I love on Craigslist but it is $600. Its perfect though. Husband will kill me if I get a china cabinet because our condo is already tight. But I hate storing our china in the garage. I was it on display! Please post pictures of your completed china cabinet asap!

  6. That hutch is gonna look awesome!! We've been doing some remodeling & rearranging too :) I'm excited to see pictures of your finished work! Great job so far :) XO

  7. Amazing!! I really want to do a gallery wall in my house somewhere, but I feel like I don't have the vision to do it! Your frames are looking amazing!

  8. It looks amazing, wow! Great job!

  9. What awesome finds at the garage sale!!! & your collage wall will look great! Good job on the china hutch too! Matt always ends up helping me with big painting projects like that too! HAHA!

  10. WOW! What youve done so far looks amazing! cant wait to see it all up and done!!

  11. Love the hutch!! It is so pretty, and can't wait to see it finished!! Happy new week to you! xo Heather

  12. Look at you go! Great job!! We managed to get a few things crossed off. I have better hopes for this weekend!

  13. at the moment I´m also collecting frames ;D yours are beautiful!

  14. You have given me some inspiration! I have a china hutch that same dark brown that could use some love. I was dreading the hours of sanding though... So I will def check out the paint. After pics please!

  15. I need some of that paint! I did my dresser before but all the sanding and priming... gah. Thanks for the 411.

  16. I am seriously so jealous of the picture frames!! And I am sooo "borrowing" this idea when I get a house (if I ever do...it feels like we never will...ugh!!)

  17. i am such a terrible diyer. I never finish my projects

  18. Your gallery wall looks so pretty. I love the mix of gold and white frames. And your hutch looks great. I can't wait to see an after pictures. I need to check out that paint. To eliminate the sanding step to would be awesome.

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