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Monday, August 20, 2012

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 Well, it's so weird to think that the hubby starts his second year of medical school today. I am so indifferent to how I feel about it all. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes I feel happy that he is starting back. His summer research job was far from laid back and I often felt like it was worse than when he was in school. Yet, I know that the long hours of studying will be back, and there will be a lots of "me" time. The unpredictability is probably the worst. Being told "I'll be done by 10" and then it's midnight and I've fallen asleep on the couch, and he wakes me up to bring me to bed is hard on us both. Then there are days where he will be free for a whole week and we'll have an entire weekend of no studying and it will be just "us" time. As hard as it is now, I think this is the easy part. Working in the health field I see residents day in and day out and I hear about their chaotic lives, on call schedule, and tireless 80-90 hour work weeks they've been working. I know I'll get my wake up call when Joel goes to residency. So, right now I will just keep my mind focused on savoring the moment, because even though these times are busy, I know that they are a lot less busy then what they will be when he is finished medical school.
This year I am sure will go by so fast. Before I know it May will be here and  Joel will be starting clinical rotations, delivering babies, and sometimes having to work weekends, which will all be so very weird for me.

The quote above are literally the perfect words to explain the commitment that Joel and I have made to one another through medical school, residency, and for the rest of our lives . We both know that we are in it together and without our love and support for one another, that this would never be possible.

So cheers to another year and cheers to a great one! I know it will be rough at times, but I am excited to see what this year will bring!

*Also, I am now getting back to those emails that many have sent me. I have not ignored them, just really wanted to shut off for a bit to enjoy these past few days with my husband :) 

& Tomorrow starts the Home Tour, YAY!! 


  1. Best wishes and good luck to you guys as he starts his second year! Unfortunately, there will be many more days of long hours in your future, but IT IS DEFINITELY all worth it in the end. Oh, and be glad that he can't work 30 hour shifts during residency anymore....those are NO FUN.

    Will be thinking of you!

  2. Best to you in this second year of your adventure!

  3. Good luck Britt to you and Joel!!!! Edward started back up today too... I'm finishing up my post for today that I started last night. Very similar to yours. We need to be each others support systems :) And I'm excited to see the home tour!!! xoxo

  4. Hang in there girl!!! I'm sure your hubby absolutely loves the encouragement & support he gets from you!

  5. Your relationship is amazing. I can only wish for something like what you guys have when I get married.

  6. and cheers to you starting the 2nd year with him!! you are going through school and the highs and lows with him, so keep your chin up girlie and stay strong for him. I wouldn't have made it through school if it weren't for my hubs.. the biggest cheerleader I have!

    xoxo, Bev

  7. You guys ARE gonna get through this!! All the sacrifice and hard work will pay off! I am glad you took a little break to enjoy your time with Joel. You two are an inspiration! I am always here for you, Britt! I just wish we lived closer for some REAL facetime! ;)

  8. I bet this year will fly by! Keep your chin up pretty :) you'll do great! Great job at having a positive attitude! Love you! XO

  9. Supporting someone through school and a new career is never easy. My poor boyfriend (now husband) was my rock through law school. And really, the first three years of actual legal practice were far worse than the three years of law school. I am so the person who says I will be leaving in 15 minutes, and then 2 more hours passes by without me realizing. Sean, my husband, is the one who waits with a cold dinner. I'm better now. Much mroe efficient. It does get better. But you are so good to be supportive and not critical.

    And Mumford & Sons... I love them.

    Can't wait for the home tour!

  10. Wishing you a wonderful year in this adventure! Happy Monday! xo Heather

  11. coming from a family where many of my relatives have gone through the trials of med school, I can understand a little bit of what you are going through - good luck! May the trials you face strengthen you bond even more! Can't wait for the home tour!!


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