Fall Bucket List

Monday, September 24, 2012

 Well Fall is here, and we are definitely feeling that chilly weather. This morning we woke up to 50 degree temps, wow! I froze on my walk to work this morning! Time to un-pack my winter clothes and put away the tanks and shorts.

Since this is the first year we will be in a house for this season, I've got lots I want to accomplish before it gets too cold. So, I've been thinking of a bucket list that is do-able and reachable. Today, I want to share it with you!

 1. Make a fall wreath
2. Decorate the interior and exterior of the house with Halloween/Thanksgiving decor
3. Come up with creative costumes for us to wear for Halloween this year
4. Build that outdoor fireplace for $30 (thank you Pinterest) and have a marshmallow roast
5. Travel to Nashville and catch a fall festival and see the beautiful orange leaves
6. Make these yummy cinnamon rolls for my co-workers and friends
7. Go to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins that we will paint and carve for the front door
8. Go through old clothes and make a donation box
9. Catch some really good Black Friday deals
10. Go home to Louisiana to tailgate for the LSU vs. Bama game -- geaux tigers!
11. Dress up on Halloween and pass out candy to the trick or treaters for the first time- ever!
12. Take Rayne on plenty of walks no matter how cold it is, she needs to exercise too
13. Get this blog under wraps and schedule weekly posts so I don't get overwhelmed
14. Finally get a drill bit and put holes in the log we found last year to make a centerpiece for the table
15. Make the Thankful tree again this year
16. Learn how to cope with the cold weather with my raynaud's phenomena. This means to buy lots of warm socks and good quality mittens :)  
17. Change our fireplace centerpiece to Fall decor

I'm sure I'll add on later, but this little list has me so motivated to get crackin' on some things that need to get done around the house. Do you have a bucket list? I'd love to read yours and see if I missed anything. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Fall festivals are the best!! And besides Thanksgiving, Black Friday is most definitely my favorite thing about fall. I shop all day and all night! But I pay for it the next three days when I can't drag myself out of bed before 10am ;)

    Good luck with your bucket list!! xo

  2. All of those things sound so wonderful Britt! You've got me inspired to make a fall bucket list of my own. Yay for fall!!!

  3. Can we back up for a second and talk about how jealous I am that you can walk to work??

  4. Great list and I really love the idea of the thankful tree...I may need to incorporate that into my house!

  5. great list! i'm thinking that i need to put together a bucket list later this week!

    i get raynaud's too...it's so annoying!

  6. Good luck with your list! I have so many things on mine :)

  7. I totally need to join you on this. I love your list - and the Thankful Tree - such a cool idea!

  8. SUCH a great list....I may be stealing a few of these from you to accomplish this fall :)

  9. This is such a fun list! I can't wait to get into a house for the same reasons. So fun :-)

  10. I love this idea.. and you have some awesome things on your list! If you come to Nashville and need suggestions of things to do, let me know - it's the place I call home!

  11. I would love to live in a place where the Fall colors show! Enjoy!!!

  12. I'm so excited that fall is finally here! I want to make a wreath for our door so badly, but don't want to spend a lot of money on something that may not even turn out. Those tutorials look intimidating!


  13. Passing out candy on Halloween is my absolute favorite thing to do!!

  14. We made a thankful tree last year too, and it was a huge hit! We had some friends as guests on Thanksgiving Day who were a wee bit down in the dumps because they couldn't make it home to be with their own families across the country, but we added their families' names to our thankful tree and Skyped them to let them know we were thinking of them - made our friends feel so much better, and included!

  15. Looks like we have some similar to do's on our fall list!! Mostly having to do with decor... we have to transition from summer in a fun way, right??

    You're so lucky you have a fire place mantel to decorate with :/

    xo, Bev

  16. Great goals!! And I LOVE your new design!! It's been a while since I last visited and holy cow it looks amazing!!

  17. Loving these lists. Definitely want to dress up this year for Halloween. It's been years!! And I love all the decorations! Too cute :)
    xo TJ

  18. Great list, Britt! I love the Thankful Tree idea - I might have to steal that one this year! As far as our fall bucket list goes, I think we'd like to out-do our Halloween decor from last year. It'll be a tough job, but I think we just might be able to pull it off :)

  19. Oooh love this bucket list, I need to make one of these!


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