Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have absolutely no concept of time. 
Can effortlessly switch back and forth between multiple sports games on Espn and not miss a thing.
Will wear the same clothes two days in a row and not think anything of it. 
When going to the bathroom; they never go in there without a device that has an internet connection.
Eat meat like cows/deer/pigs/etc are an endangered species.
Will never willingly wear those seersucker shorts you bought him. 
Throw all the covers on my side so when I wake up I'm either in a sweat on the comforter is on the ground. 
Still don't know which hamper is for whites/colors/towels. 
Scrape their dinner plate like it's their last meal. 

But, when we are thinking about all of these differences that men and women have, really, we are quite complimentary. Without these differences we would never mesh. I am much better at being my husband's best friend, than any girls best friend. As my duty to serve my husband, I feel the need to care for my husband, direct him in a positive way, and make sure he has clean clothes and a warm meal for dinner. Even though those things I listed above agitate me to no end, the truth is, I have my flaws too, and he more than likely could put a list together like this for me.

Joel once told me an amazing analogy that I will never forget. I should trademark it actually. He always says that in each relationship, friendship, and/or marriage that the relationship needs to be an "H" and not and "A". When two people rely on each other and can't live separate lives, then you will probably fail, because you are an "A". If you take the dash out of the middle of the letter "A", you both fall down. With the "H", if you take out the middle dash, you both are still standing up and can rise up from the situation at hand. This little analogy may seem silly, but Joel and I live by it every day of our lives. This analogy goes further than surviving an argument. Life is unpredictable and you never know what it will throw at you, and if you are an "H", than you are bound to make it through.

So in this case, if those things I listed above didn't bother me, then we for sure would be an "A" and I would need some serious counseling. I could add to that list everyday if I wanted, but let's face it, men are men and they pride themselves on being different from women. And the same goes for women. 

I hope I didn't sound too much like Dr. Phil today....


  1. Love that H analogy! You are such a sweet wife and it seems the 2 are perfect for each other. Everyone has annoyances- but it's good to hear you look past them.

  2. Psssh, its not just men that wear the same clothes two days in a row. You should see me on weekends!

    I love your husband's analogy, very wise man!

  3. That is a great analogy!!! I like that list you assembled; I can identify lol

  4. Very well said my dear!!!! Sounds like you and Joel are on the right path where you should be :) I love his analogy!!! <3

  5. Britt, I love this. It's so true. I think in most of my past relationships it was an A instead of an H. With LoLo, it's definitely an H. We are perfect for each other and complement each other perfectly. I'm so glad you have the same thing. :)

  6. Oh my that is BRILLIANT! Wow so true! I love my "H" relationship!!

    And really the swaping channels thing is ridiculous! so mind blowing!


  7. along with the whole channel surfing thing, guys have some uncanny ability to remember sports stats and details from games that were YEARS ago...i have know idea how they do it!

    love the "H" analogy...i think that definitely fits TJ and me too :)

  8. true! I'll know exactly where my boyfriend is headed if there is a iPhone/iPad in hand!

  9. I LOVE this! I think that is a great analogy. And it totally makes so much sense. I'd definitely say my husband and I are "H" people. I wouldn't have it any other way, despite his flaws (and mine, of course) ;)

  10. Oh my gosh, I really love this. You should trademark it!!

  11. hahaha the bathroom with the internet device is SOO true. As are the other things. This made me laugh today! :)

  12. OMG! This analogy is perfect!! Give Joel a high five from me and tell him I will be using it in the future. :) Men, can't live with them, but we sure as heck can't live without them either!! Love ya, lady!!

  13. So cute and so true - and made me giddy knowing that my married last name starts with an "H".

    Your list is hilarious by the way :)

  14. Totally agree to this: "Will wear the same clothes two days in a row and not think anything of it.
    When going to the bathroom; they never go in there without a device that has an internet connection."

    Haha. =)

  15. Very smart post! i found you on the blog hop and am following now.

    Check me out if you would like...


  16. What a great blog post and so incredibly true. My husband and I were on a run the other night and we got on the topic of how different men are than women. It's strange that such different species are put together on this earth to build a future together. But honestly like you said, without those differences it really just wouldn't work! The phrase opposites attract really does have some meaning! And what a great analogy by your hubs.. what a wise man!

  17. haha so true.
    this is great. and I agree completely, the differences is what makes us work together!

  18. Aw that is a pretty analogy! I definitely compliment my husband as well...i hope :) ...once these put those shorts on, and realize "they're comfortable oh i like" it's great feeling right? My husband usually hates my choices in clothing, but then he tries it on and "oh wow, i like" hahah

  19. aw i love that analogy!! so sweet!! Once men realize those seersucker shorts are actually comfortable, it's such a great feeling isn't it? husband will not like something i pick out, but then he tries it on and "oh wow, i like it"


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