13 Weeks - Baby Bump

Monday, October 29, 2012

Doing a little re-cap on my 13 week baby bump since I'm almost 15 weeks. Eek, I'm not doing to well on these updates. Hopefully I can keep up with taking pictures of the growing bump!

Props to the dress for making me look a little bigger than I really am ;) 

How Far Along: 13 weeks as of 10/18 !

Size of the Baby: baby is the size of a Lemon!

Maternity Clothes: My belly band has been a lifesaver, I wear it with most pants. I bought one pair of dress pants for work and love how they fit.  

Stretch marks: none

Weight gain: About 2-3lbs.

Sleep: Sleep is good right now, just know the day is coming when I won't be able to sleep on my belly.

Best Moment of the Week: Going to our genetic screening ultrasound and counselor and finding out that the baby looks great, and is on track to be healthy :) Only one more test to go till we are in the clear! After our ultrasound we shared the news with all of our friends and family and were so overwhelmed with love.  

Movement: Possible flutters? But really, nothing. 

Food Cravings: This week was amazing, about mid way through I actually craved Chinese food, the food aversions have been lifting! 

Gender: Not yet. 

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells still kinda get me. I have my moments, but it's much better than before. 

Labor Signs: No

Wedding ring on or off: On

What I miss: My energy, still feeling a little sluggish. 

What I am looking forward to: Our babymoon to the Bahamas! We booked this trip pre-pregnancy, but still wanted to go. It's a little early, but we're very excited to relax!! 

Nursery: Starting to think neutral colors and soft pinks/blues.

Emotions: Pretty good this week, feeling more like myself so I've been feeling normal :) 


  1. I need to think of something more creative than telling you each week how cute you are.

    alas I am being not creative and telling you that you look suppppperrr cute and I love your dress,hair and baby bumpppp!

    Love love

  2. You are so cute!!! Love the little bump! I'm a new follower :)

    Happy Monday!


  3. Oh my! Reading about your journey is not going to help my baby fever! Uh oh!

  4. gah! you look so cute!! I agree with ^^ I will have major baby fever soon I am sure ;)

  5. is it weird of me to that I'm super excited to see how adorable you're going to get as your pregnancy progresses? I'm gonna say no, because this is blogland. your little bump is so cute! and I love the flower headband as well.

  6. you are adorable! so happy for you xox

  7. you are so super adorable lady - I just know that you are going to be even more so once that little belly pops! I love that you are sharing your joy, experience, and milestones with all of us!

  8. I'm just catching up on your blog! Congrats, Britt!! How exciting!


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