baby bump at 9 weeks

Monday, October 22, 2012

Now, present day today, I am a little over 13 weeks, but I'll have to play catch up until I get back on track. Next week I will post my 13 week bump update! Honestly, my bump stayed the same size for the last 4 weeks anyway, so you didn't miss much :) 

How Far Along:9 weeks as of 9.20!

Size of the Baby:baby is the size of an Olive or Grape!

Maternity Clothes: None. Although I am going to need to invest in a pair of jeans pretty soon. My jeans were tight fitting pre-pregnancy, so I've definitely been feeling scrunched. 

Stretch marks: none

Weight gain: About 3lbs.

Sleep: Sleep is okay, I feel like I have to pee a lot, but it's just my uterus pushing on my bladder I guess.

Best Moment of the Week: We went to our first Doctor's appointment on Wednesday (9.19) and saw the heart beat, saw the baby's little body, and found out how far along I am. We were so emotional and happy during this appointment! 

Movement: Still pretty early, so nothing yet.

Food Cravings: Ughhh nothing... Food is not my friend, and I hate when I get hungry..

Gender: Not yet. 

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Umm everything, it's been tough, not gonna lie.

Labor Signs: No

Wedding ring on or off: On

What I miss: I miss food. I haven't eaten a full course meal in so long. Always just munching, which causes me to have less energy :( 

What I am looking forward to: Telling our family and close friends this Friday/Saturday 9.21!

Nursery: Haven't began thinking about it.

Emotions: Well, maybe my husband should answer this, but I'd say I've been a little more emotional these days. Joel thinks I'm more defensive about things, and I think that it stems from feeling weak and being so dependent on him lately.


  1. yay for baby bump posts! I can't wait to see how your bump has grown!

  2. I still haven't eaten a full course meal and I'm 15 weeks! Hang in there my nausea got a lot better at 12 weeks!

  3. Oh my gosh.
    You are so cute.
    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling the food lately but I hope that will change now that you are a little further along!

    cant wait for the next update!


  4. LOVE you baby bump!!!!! Too precious!! Hope you can start eating food again soon Britt! xoxo

  5. Looking gorgeous, Brit! I love reading these updates. :)

  6. Love your little bump - so cute!

    I hope the nausea and eating gets better, that can't be fun! =(

  7. What a precious bump! Looking forward to these updates :-)

  8. YAY! I love preggo updates! Sorry to hear that you're feeling nauseas though. I read in your next post where it is letting up - ask that doc for some Zofran though if it is still bothering you!

  9. You're so cute!! I'm excited to see your updates :)

  10. I'm so excited for you Britt. You'll be the cutest preggo!

  11. you are adorable!! I love these bump posts. can't wait to do them myself one day:)

  12. You are so cute! Love that bump!! Can't believe I missed this big news! Congrats!

  13. you look great!!! I remember getting really defensive and being super sensitive about everything.

  14. You are adorable! Sorry to hear you been sickly :/. How was your vaycay by the way!?


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