DIY Outdoor Fire Pit

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After a high demand from others asking that I share this tutorial, here it is on the blog! This is probably the fastest I have edited and written a post. However, I was very inspired to write this because after purchasing all of the supplies, I realized how unrealistic some of those pinterest pins were. The tutorial I followed promised this would be $30, and y'all we had to cut a level of bricks when we did the math and realized we were already at over $50. We don't regret spending that, but at the same time, I was upset to know we had to decrease supplies and spend more. Here is my realistic tutorial of a DIY Outdoor Fire Pit! So, like I said, we cut costs by removing a level of bricks, and instead, we dug a 6 inch hole to make up for the space we lost. And actually, I kind of like the underground look way better. We really love how it came out, and we are already looking forward to having our friends over for a marshmallow roast! This was a great project, and we're so happy we finally made it! 

$51.12 total + tax
  • 0.5 CU FT Bag of Drainage Rocks 
    • 2 bags @3.48 = $6.96 
  • 12 inch Walnut Basic Wall Blocks 
    • 24 @ $1.84 a piece = $44.16 total 
*Even though I am an advocate for Home Depot (because they sell more American made materials & are often cheaper) -all of the supplies used to make this fire pit were purchased at Lowe's.

  • Shovel 
  • Gloves (so you don't get cuts from the cement)
  • Sticks/Logs  
  • Rake (optional for leveling out rocks) 

  • After purchasing your supplies, bring your supplies to the area you will be building the fire pit. Make sure the area is level and then place a few blocks down at a time. Make sure the blocks are tightly placed next to each other. 
  • Complete the circle, make sure it is even, and all bricks are neatly stacked next to one another. 
  • You will want to dig your ring out before adding the second layer because some bricks may get displaced in the process. Dig about a 6 inch deep hole with a shovel inside your circle. 
  • Start placing your next layer. You will want to find the crack between the two bricks on the bottom layer, and then line the second layer brick centered on top of this crack. 
  • After you are done adjusting the second layer, begin to dump the two bags of rocks on the ground. Use a rake to even out the rocks. 
  • Gather some sticks, and light that fire!  
*Total time to buy supplies, unload supplies, and build was about an hour!

I hope this inspires some to start a fun project. It was great to do this together with my husband and then get to enjoy it later that evening. So go ahead and jump start your fall if your itching to start a project, I promise you won't regret it!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this!
    If I didn't live in an apartment, I would totally try this :)
    Guess I'll just have to look at how awesome yours turned out, haha!


  2. Such a great job - thank you SO SO much for sharing. The hubby and I were on a whim last weekend trying to find a fire pit "cage" as I call them. Without luck trying to find one that was affordable and functional - we gave up. Then you posted this and I was like babe, I bet we could do this without issue. We had a pit years ago but it was literally just a hole in the backyard. We rent so this would actually be pretty handy for us... we could always clean it up, cover the hole and move it to our next home :)

  3. My boyfriend must never see this post or idea or anything. He will start digging up our garden tomorrow, because he just loves fire.

    And between him and my dogs, I won't have much garden left then.

    But still, you guys did a great job. I can just imagine how many nights will be spent there, roasting marshmallows and telling good tales! Here's to great memories, and all because of a firepit.

  4. Fire pits are great during the fall! I would love to have one if I wasn't in an apartment! :)

  5. Thanks for keeping it real!!! :) And way to cut costs and be smart about digging the hole deeper! That's my girl!! It turned out so fun!! Now go make some s'mores! ;)

  6. Thanks so much for this!! I hope I can take the fiance into doing this in our backyard after we close on our house!

  7. I absolutely love this!! I want to build a fire pit...when we move, of course. Haha!

  8. I love this idea!! We're moving into our first house soon so this would be perfect!


  9. That looks amazing - thank you so much for sharing! I used to have a fire pit, but it got all rusted. This would be awesome!

  10. Perfect DIY project for this chilly weather that's coming up! You are adorable, girl and this turned out great! :)
    xo TJ


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