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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So, I am writing this post in hopes that y'all will save my creative soul and help me out with some costume decisions. This Friday is the med school Halloween party, and I am so lost on what Joel and I should wear this year. We are both pretty creative, but not this year. Pinterest has helped a little, but I still need some good suggestions.

This is what the husband wants us to be.....
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 See!!!! I really REALLY need your help! I am not totally opposed to wearing this, because I DO think it's funny. But, when we're going to be amongst a couple hundred people, I will get a little nervous wearing this.

This is more among the lines of what I wanted to wear.
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And here's a few pictures of what we've done in the past. Circa 2008.. We really did a good job this year, especially Joel. He gave me the creeps all night! This is probably my favorite Halloween picture of us and our costumes. All of his face paint was done by me, I gotta take the credit :)

Last Year!

So, really I am all ears! I would love any and all suggestions you have. Just need a little motivation to get the ball rolling here. I have eh 2 days to finalize our costumes!


  1. My favorite couple costume ever was Jenna & Adam's (last year I think) .. Flo from progressive and Mayhem .. I am sure she has some creative ideas for you two! All four of you could do a little group idea too :)

    Good luck!

  2. I love these options! We're trying to think of a good couple costume and are drawing a blank :(

  3. oh my gosh husbands lol...

    Last year we all (the baby too) went as crayons.... my dress was super cute haha!

  4. I'm going to a Halloween party this weekend I don't have a clue what to wear!

  5. I love couple costumes! I saw a cute one last year where the girl went as carmen san diego and the guy was waldo.

    xo, Emily

  6. Awe yall are cute!!
    I do think that costume is funny, but I think I would be a little nervous too!

    I love someones suggestion of Carmen San Diego and Wheres Waldo!
    too Funny!

  7. You know I am in the same boat...so, lets' feed off each others posts!! ;)

  8. HAHAHAHA reindeer and headlights hahaha ok seriously I am not doing anyhting this year by choice, but if I was I would be a loofah and my husband was going to be SOAP bar....I saw it on pinterest...it was cute

  9. Hmm I've always wanted to do Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Probably because it's an excuse to wear giant pearls? Good luck gal, I'm sure whatever you two do will be adorable!

  10. HAHA!! Love this post. So many fun options. My hubby and I were Daphney and Fred from Scooby Doo last year. There's an option?

  11. I love the deer! That is hysterical! Last year my husband and I went as Troll dolls. We bought blue and pink troll hair, nude suits from a dance studio, and I made a tooling tutu skirt and he wore plus size woman's blue spandex. Then glued a jewel to the nude suit for the belly button. It was epic! We won at both Halloween parties we went to for most creative! :) good luck!

    This year I'm Justin Bieber and he is Selena Gomez

  12. For years I've wanted to do a couple's costume with my husband/then boyfriend but we never have.

    You know what might be fun? Do you watch True Blood? I think it might be fun to go as a vampire and maybe a Merlotte's Waitress - I was that 2 years ago and it was the simplest and most fun custom to dress up however.

    Someone else suggested Fred and Daphney from Scooby Doo and I was totally going to say that. I think it's a great idea!

    I've also always wanted to dress up as Captain Morgan and have a friend be my first mate - that might be a cute costume too! Pirate and girl pirate :) Just think you can scream things like YARRRR all night long!


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