My 1st Trimester Surival Kit.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

During the first trimester of my pregnancy, it was quite rough. Today I am 13 weeks and the nausea, fatigue, food aversions, etc are finally letting up a bit. Since this is my first pregnancy, everything was so new, and I had no clue what to expect. Little did I know that the glow wouldn't be right away. I just wanted to share some of my must-have's in case there are other mom's out there looking for some remedies. 

This graphic I made has gotten lots of attention via pinterest, and with a lot of questions/emails. I decided to add a few additions to this post in red. Thank you for all of the wonderful responses, I am glad this is so helpful. 

1st Trimester Survival Kit


1. Gatorade- I never was anywhere without one handy. Great for regaining sugar/energy and staying hydrated.
2. Tylenol- with off and on headaches, tylenol is one of the only safe pain medications, so this has been fully stocked in my purse from day one. 
3. Bras- those boobs will grow. And fast. It was one of my first symptoms that I overlooked in the beginning of my pregnancy. Oh, and I've felt like I'm carrying bowling balls on my chest, so good support is necessary. 
4. Water bottle- Always try to keep myself hydrated because that's where most of my nausea/fatigue stemmed from. 
5. Peanut Butter- I considered myself a vegetarian for the 1st trimester since meat just made me so nauseated to even think of. Peanut butter is a great source of protein and can pick me up fast if I'm feeling low blood sugar. 
6. Saltine's- Oh how I never want to look at another box of these, even though they were the only mild thing I could put in my stomach. Go ahead and have your significant other wake you up about 20-30 minutes before you "get up" and have him shove these down your throat with some water. I literally could not start my morning unless I had eaten/drank something before my feet even hit the ground in the morning. 
7. Prenatal Gummy's- I made the mistake of buying the horse pill, and I found myself gagging from taking them. The gummy's are much easier to take, and are actually pretty good, especially when you are already experiencing nausea. Taking these gummy's can still cause nausea. So, my routine that helped prevent the nausea was to take them at night, to ease my stomach. This was extremely helpful. 
8. Burt's Bee's Acne Items: I used the roll on oil stick, because pregnancy gives you beautiful acne from when you were 13 in 7th or 8th grade. But this little stick shrunk my break outs almost immediately. 
9. Belly Band- bloating was one of the first symptoms I had, so my clothes were starting to feel tight. I bought one pretty early because when my pants were too tight I developed indigestion, so this made a world of a difference. 
10. Burt's Bees Lotion- my favorite is the milk and honey. Maybe it's because it's close to winter + being pregnant, but dry skin is often an irritant, and with Burt's Bees being natural and safe, it was my best friend! 

Other favorites:
1. Preggie Pops - great for nausea
2. Ginger Gum- another really great nausea remedy that works pretty fast. Also, if you drink tea, I added some ginger in mine in the morning to give me a kick start. 
3. Zofran- my best friend.
4. Kellog's Fiber Plus Chocolate Chip Bars You'll need these for #3 if you take Zofran religiously, like I did. Let's just say.. some things get a little delayed in your digestive track, and need a little push. Catch my drift? 
5. Earth Mama Angel Baby: Mama-to-Be kit- amazing things in here that are so refreshing. It's been working for me so far..And I will swap out with bio oil if I am wanting to switch it up. 

I promise my blog won't turn into a total baby blog, but while I'm transitioning into it all, I just want to also keep this blog about me and what my life is all about at this time. As soon as I get to feeling 100%, I can't wait to beak out some posts I've been drafting. So, thank you for hanging in here with me if the pregnancy/baby posts don't interest you. The baby is a huge part of my life, but staying true to myself and what I am passionate about (hobbies, recipes, style, etc) will always be a big part of my life. 


  1. Well I won't be having a baby in the near future but this post was still interesting and for all of my just married friends;) I will keep these in mind haha! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh yes Gatorade is still my best friend and I'm almost 6months, and I've transitioned to sports bras because my boobs are just growing wayyyyy to quick! lol and I can't stand the feel of a real bra anymore it's just soo uncomfortable! Glad you're feeling better the beginning of the 2nd trimester I was starting to feel better but it took awhile before it all reeallyy went away. SO happy for you guys!!

    Ps-enjoy sleep now the farther along you are the more miserable it is...but when you feel your baby move it's just so worth it :)

  3. Those preggy pops (and LOTS of ice cream) got me through mg first tri for sure!! Stay tough're almost through it! Love u!

  4. OMG...first of all congratulations!! I don't know how I missed this! And, 2nd...I am preggo too...10 weeks and 2 days today! :) I LOVE your list and agree with everything. I have had a pretty rough first trimester but all of the sudden this week starting to feel a tiny bit better! Hope you start feeling better too and congrats again!

  5. I love hearing from first-time mom's about what they're experiencing and learning along the way. I feel like it will HOPEFULLY help me a little bit when that time comes along :)

    Hope your 2nd trimester has no nausea!! =\

  6. This will be wonderful to know when I get to that phase of my life. And I've heard wonderful things about the preggie pops.

    I might have to go check out that Burt's Bee's acne stuff since I could use that now. ;)

  7. No these lil things are helpful! I'm not prego yet but i'm starring it so save for later! :)

  8. I'll be saving this for later in my life when it's my time to be preggo =)

  9. I too love the gummy prenatals. I have always been terrible at taking any kind of medication if it's any bigger than a tylenol (which I also keep handy!) and the one's my doctor prescribed me were gigantic!
    Bloating, oh so much bloating. I need to look into one of those belly bands as well!
    Thanks for posting about your survival kit!

  10. Zofran is an amazing drug! I love giving patients that for the first time and their relief! I don't know under what rock I have been living under, but I didn't know that Burts Bee's had acne items!

  11. Should I be ashamed that all your 1st Trimester Necessities are all my everyday necessities..and I'm not even pregnant lol.

    Ok-everything except the Belly Band. ;)

  12. Wow-you're a lot further along than I thought. That's awesome. I'm sorry to hear it's been rough. Or at least with all the nausea. That does not sound fun. I have a feeling when I am pregnant it will be terrible...or at least that's my fear. Ha. Thanks for all these awesome tips/suggestions. I'm sure with it being your first there's a lot to learn and it's all about trial and error. I hope it just gets easier for you! Are ya'll going to find out the gender or have it be a surprise?

  13. This is great - will save it! Thanks!!


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