Weekend Snaps.

Monday, October 8, 2012

This weekend was quite eventful. We were social, productive, and very busy!

Friday night we went to the med school Halloween party, which was a blast! We saw so many friends and got to dress up as Where's Carmen San Diego and Where's Waldo! Joel enjoyed being Waldo, and photo bombed some pictures. It was a great time!

Saturday we played hostess, and had some friends over for the sad LSU game. Our poor tigers... something is just not going right. Hoping we'll pull through soon though. I cooked some yummy jambalaya and corn bread, so that made up for the upset. We then saw a late showing of Taken 2, which was not as good as I thought. It was still good, just definitely did not live up to my expectations.

Sunday we were super productive, I tell ya. We got up early to finish our front door decorations and build our outdoor fireplace! I'll post more of the door when I finish the wreath. Since temps have been in the 50s here, we decided it was very necessary to make an outdoor fire pit. And we are clearly obsessed! Tutorial will be on the blog tomorrow! And, I am really excited about it because a lot of the Pinterest tutorials I followed were inaccurate and way under priced. This really was a let down because we had different budget expectations. I'll be posting the real deal, y'all! Before the Saints game, Rayne got a bath, because she helped build the fire pit, by playing in the dirt that we dug up... Dogs! Sunday night we witnessed history with our boy Drew Brees breaking records! I am so happy for him, and am proud to be a Saints fan!

And, can you believe it? I actually took more than one picture on my iPhone this weekend! Whoop Whoop, I am so proud of myself!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend, and are able to enjoy this fall weather! I am so thankful for beautiful days and good times with friends :)  Happy Monday!


  1. Loved the snaps & the costumes were great...as always! I will have to say that I'm a fan of the outcome Sat - go Gators! hehe ;) All in good fun though and what an intense & close game!

  2. I LOVE your new header! Looks fab! So fun to have fires again!

  3. Hi,
    I'm over from Mrs. to Mama! I just really love your blog! OK the Where's Waldo photo bombs and pics are cracking me up which I needed a laugh today for the heavy heart I carry for my friend Julee Turner and her daughter Preslee Bell Turner who lost their hubs/daddy in a car crash Sat night. He was a anchor for the Arkansas News, so so sad, she blogs, do you know her?

    That sounds yummy what you made, and I just love the action shots of your puppy doing super dog tricks lol!


  4. LOVED your outfits!! Super cute!

    Can you come give Floyd a bath too?? We have been meaning to for a week now and it keeps getting put off!

  5. LOVED your outfits!! Super cute!

    Can you come give Floyd a bath too?? We have been meaning to for a week now and it keeps getting put off!

  6. OH MY!
    So stinking cute!

    Looks like yall are starting fall off right!!!

    Sorry about your tigers!


  7. Haha I love your costumes!

    And I am still on such a high from last night's game!! I was a SD fan until they let Brees go - that's when I left and became a Saints fan. So the fact he broke the record against the Chargers makes it that much more special! And my dad is a SD fan so the trash talking all night was crazy haha!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  8. love these pictures! looks like a great weekend! xox

  9. MMmmm, you've got me craving Jambalaya! You guys are TOO CUTE!

  10. I loved the costumes you went as!! so fun!! I want to see Taken 2, but I have heard it wasn't good. Oh well I'll wait for the dvd on Redbox :)


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