if you really knew me, part dos.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm not gonna lie, I've been wanting to do a part two since I first did part one, and then I saw Kristin posted her part two this week and figured I needed to do it too. Honestly, I had so much fun talking about the intimate details of my life and giving y'all a little insight on who I really am. So, I am going to roll with it, and give y'all some more.

If you really knew me.... kinda deep and a little baby related

You'd know that I'm struggling to get my photo business rolling. The hardships of having only one lens, an outdated/slow computer, very little time to take/edit pictures, a full time job on top, the fear of not being good, and not having  much confidence in my work even though others say it is good overwhelms me at times. I find that when I push myself through these things I end up surprising myself and realizing I can do it. I need to get over that hill again.

You would know that I am not scared of being a new Mom, I feel like I was born with natural maternal instincts and have been waiting for this moment my whole life. I was that kid who chose to babysit on the weekends rather hang out with friends. I am actually more nervous about adapting to this new life. I'm scared of less time time/focus with my husband, not sleeping, lack of attendance to social outings, raising a baby while my husband is still in medical school, and more.

You'd know that the pregnancy was not planned, though after dealing with some health issues back in April and facing some new health issues over the summer and having to start a new medication therapy, recently we spontaneously tossed up the idea that we may want to get pregnant sooner than we planned since my health situation would make things more difficult. And my goodness, we definitely didn't think it could really happen or happen that fast thank you to those 4 glasses of wine.  Now you can all go laugh at me because I wrote this post back in April, and now look at me, eating my words, haha!

You would know that I am already freaking out about how cold it is in Birmingham. I'm not one for the cold weather, so this will be a long ride. I have horrible circulation, so as my right leg is nice and warm, my left leg will be ice cold. I am already in trouble with Joel as he found the thermostat on 80 degrees this week. Oops.

You'd know that I love to travel and want to see the world. I often think about where Joel and I will live after he is done with Medical School, and I think "Oh wow... south Florida, Nashville, or the Carolina's would be beautiful," but then I get scared and think how hard it will be to start over again in a new place. It took about a year for us to appreciate Birmingham, and now that we're comfy, we're not sure if we could leave again.

You would know that choosing a name for our baby will be the hardest thing ever. I love unique/un-common but classic names. The minute I hear my favorite name being said just a little more frequently, I immediately develop a dislike for it. I also am strong willed on this topic and won't share my favorite baby names with anyone. It's like the rules in football, you don't show the other team your playbook.

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That is all I can muster up for today folks. If you have any questions for me, you can ask me here, and I'll be happy to answer :)

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so excited for the weekend already!


  1. What a sweet post and I do feel like I'm getting more insight on who you are! Thank you for sharing and opening up :)

  2. Love this! And I'm the same about baby names. Top secret and always crossing my fingers that no one takes it! ha

  3. girl I'm with you about the baby names. I am super hush hush out of fear that someone will steal it!

    Nashville is amazing and yall would love it :)

  4. Haha- loved your football playbook analogy about the names! I'm not sure how I'll be when we are expecting.... I feel like maybe I should shout our name choice from the rooftops so nobody can steal it! ;)

  5. You're going to be a fantastic mother, Britt!

  6. Ooooh, girl, this was soooo me last year! Well, most of it:-) I wish I was an amazing photographer! Everything's a journey. Revel in contentment and blessings:-) xoxo

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Do you know what you're having?

  8. You'll be a great mommy!! I have insane fears about having a kid right NOW, I still feel like a teen, even though it's the last year of my 20's. You're awesome for being supportive of moving to anywhere. I had a HARD time moving from my hometown to where we live (which is 30 min away!) I hope your health issues settle down. Kinda going through that too, but nothing major for me.

  9. I am sure you will be a FABULOUS mother! Sometimes things happen out of the time we planned and then turn out to be the most beautiful thing :)

  10. Britt :) I loved your post, as I thought I was reading some of my own thoughts in regards to photography and moving, (not the baby part, but congrats on the baby!!! Such a blessing) But don't be afraid, everyday you take photos, as yourself - do you love this? Are you passionate about it. If you are - don't worry about what others think. Because eventually the right people will fall in love with the style of photos you take. And you alreadyyyy have the support of your blog followers. As for moving - change is hard (heck I cry everytime I move), but it stretches us and forces us to grow! Always ens up good. Wow, this was rant - so sorry! Got carried away :) Moral of this story - You can do it!

  11. What a sweet and honest post - I love learning more about you. And it made me smile that you have always wanted to be a mother (me too!), and you are getting to grow your family with a man you love! You don't have to have it all figured out right this second :)


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