thanksgiving in louisiana

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving day was a quiet one out in the swamp/bayou. My parents hosted Thanksgiving at their house and we enjoyed dinner with mine and Joel's parents together. I am so blessed that our family's can share the holidays together, it makes things so nice. We enjoyed chatting, cooking, and crafting for the gender reveal the next day. Joel and his brothers enjoyed watching football, playing football, and engaging in some pool. Even Rayne joined in on the game! You won't find any Turkey or food pictures here, the turkey was already cut by the time I woke up, and well..the food went fast too!
Beautiful sunset at my parents

And then on Saturday we had a thanksgiving picnic at my aunt and uncle's farm house out in the country. It was so fun to just relax and kick back in such a serene place. The boys had fun playing games and the girls enjoyed chatting and making smores.

Mama and I
Beautiful Barn
Umm, my cousins adorable pups that I wanted to take home! Beignet and Bijou!

Possible Christmas card pic?
yumm, I had two! One for me, and one for baby girl :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! It was definitely a great time for us and we miss our friends, family, and Louisiana so much already! Till Christmas...we'll see ya next time!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Every time you post pics of visiting home in Louisiana, I try to figure out where in Louisiana you are from, since I'm a bayou girl too! :)

  2. potential christmas card pic is adorable! love it :)

  3. I love your fairisle poncho, it's too cute!

  4. gorgeous photos. I really like your sweater!

  5. What a fabulous Thanksgiving! Love the having-it-in-the-barn idea :)

  6. Ummm, can I just say CUTEST FAMILY EVER.
    Everyone has some great style!
    & of course, eat 5 more smores cause baby girl wants some sweets! ;)

  7. It looks like y'all had a great Thanksgiving! That's so nice that your families get along and do things together. Ours are the same way and it makes things nice!

  8. I love how to s'mores fixings were displayed. Way cute :) I would have eaten 2, too!

  9. Yum, those s'mores look delicious! You are very blessed to have both families celebrating together.. We aren't blessed with that, ugh :( sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gorgeous pictures! XO

  10. That barn was decorated so cute! And you look adorable :)

  11. You are the cutest :) What a fun holiday and beautiful family!

  12. That smores bar looks amazing- such a great idea!


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