Some Spring Fashion

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Linking up for some Friday Fashion! I am really excited about Spring time and cannot wait for Easter so I can wear some more pastels! Tomorrow I will wearing my white jeans to work and I am so excited! I have been waiting till it got a little bit warmer. 

I am loving these colors together. Soft. Warm. Feminine

What I am also excited about... 


How girly and feminine are these? 

For my bridal luncheon, I had all of my bridesmaids and guests wear hats to our luncheon. It was so fun and cute! 

My little flower girl and I ! 

That Just Happened

So, my sweet husband has an exam on Friday in Gastroenterology. He tells me this is one of the hardest ones from the first year of medical school. So, it has left me with a lot of "Me" time this week. I think I could have painted the walls lime green and he probably would not have even noticed. 

Tuesday night, myself and three other med school wives had dinner & drinks together. My light weight self got tipsy off of two beers. I was so ashamed, good thing I had a DD. But, I did have a fabulous time! We talked about how we can't wait for Friday and how challenging these times are. We also patted ourselves on the back for being proclaimed Bread Winners. I mean it really is a hilarious concept. 

But, honestly as hard as it is I like a lot of "me" time. It's funny how good I am at passing time. I can entertain myself for hours listening to iTunes, organizing playlists or editing artists names, etc. 

I've also listened to The Civil Wars album on repeat for over 7 hours last night. 

I am not your typical "house wife" type. I don't prefer to bake, craft, or clean. I like to listen to music, take pictures, play with the dog, watch Criminal Minds, draw stick figures on paper, and browse pinterest. 

Oh, and last night I remembered how cool it was to use iPhotobooth.. Definitely passed an hour easily doing this. I even let Rayne (our pup) guest star. We also made a video from the roller coaster wallpaper. It was fun. But, I'm not brave enough to post it.

Don't mind my tourist T-shirt from Hawaii circa 2005 

Ooh Wednesday

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What it means to be Southern... Let me tell you or let me try to at least. 

I do have a little expertise in this area. If you are a new reader, let me explain. I was born in New Orleans. And I spent my last years in high school living in the middle of the swamp, literally. 
See here--> This is a picture my mom sent me two days ago, of a little friend in their back yard... 

And my during my college years, I got to experience the good ole capitol of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. I've spent my whole life in Louisiana up until the summer of 2011 when I moved to North Alabama. And it is not the same. It is still southern, but a different kind of southern than what I am used to. The same goes for Louisiana, see here--> 

Where I am from people say things like "How's ya mama 'n' them" and "We're fixin to leave." It's a place with lots of soul and culture. Here (In AL), people say things like "Oh, she's a hoot," and "Oh, bless his heart." I have never heard these words in the state of Louisiana. There is something about the deep south that is a whole different way of life and meaning. 

So, since I have my moments when I am feeling homesick leave it to pinterest to crack me up and give me a piece of what I'm missing out on. 

Things people have told me I say: 

"I axed you if you wanted to go?" 
"Get that out of the zink
"I'm fixin to go" 
"I am on the neutral ground side" 

So, who wants to hear a VLog? I'm tempted to do it... 

So, without further adieu, my favorite Louisiana themed pinterest finds! 

 Well, except me... But not by choice really

Okay are you sick of my southern loving yet? 

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Time Travel Tuesday #1

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where was I a year ago? 

Well according to facebook timelime I was trying to finish my last semester at LSU. Having a rare disease called Senioritis, heard of it? I was also still doing my photography, which I enjoyed doing so much. 

I actually did go back through facebook timeline to recall some memories. This time last year, I was scrambling and freaking out that I had to memorize over 5 minutes worth of dialogue for a performance in my Communication Studies class called Performance Composition. I was doing a performance on the Circus, and how from a little girl to now my views have changed tremendously. I gave this speech to spread awareness about animal cruelty and the abuse that animals endure while being in the circus. It is horrific and frightening really. I had a lot of people telling me that they were moved by my performance, and that felt really awesome. 

Mardi Gras was really late last year, and we were just celebrating Carnival season. I also had really dark hair then too. And now, I am wondering if when these highlights grow out if I should go back to my natural hair color? I look like my ethnicity more, a little senorita! 

I was editing my heart out, because I had just finished shooting a beautiful couple for their engagement pictures! That is the last couple I have photographed. Sadly, the move here to AL hasn't allowed me to market myself very well and honestly, I am just too busy. Maybe by the end of the year I can get back into it.

Apparently, according to facebook timeline, I overflowed the washing machine and put way to much detergent in the washer. Oops! Did I mention I had lots to learn still when I got married? 

If I were blogging a year ago, I would have probably told y'all all about these things. And that's what I think is really cool about this link up! It gives everyone the opportunity to share past events that we don't know about each other. The present and future are really fun too because it is a great way to always know where people stand in their lives and what they are reaching for. 

NEXT WEEK'S THEME: Best April Fool's Prank !
Theme's are optional, but if you want to play along, I'd love to hear about the best April Fool's joke that either you played on someone or that someone played on you! Next Tuesday is April 2nd, so that's perfect in case the 2012 prank was the best in history! 

Thank you to everyone who links up! I am so excited to start this little link up & hope that you love it too! Be sure to link up and go meet some new bloggers! This is my favorite way to meet new people! 

Getting Back To It

Monday, March 26, 2012

First, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who left me "feel better" notes, y'all made me feel better and I am grateful for such sweet followers! On that note, I am feeling much better! I am slowly getting back to responding to everyone one of y'all !

Friday, I went to Target after a long day of work. I had been tracking a bicycle for a few days that I wanted, so we picked it up on Friday! She's a beauty! That night, I took a much needed 2 hour nap and then headed to a little concert with some friends. I told myself that I was going no matter what, so I did, and I actually felt fine too. So it was a win-win !

Saturday, let's just say, I didn't do too much. I engulfed myself in The Hunger Games and read and finished the book in 7 hours! It was amazing. I had a deadline though. I bought the tickets for that night's showing so it would force me to finish, and I did, with an hour to spare! I was so so pleased with the book and the movie! Needless to say, I've already ordered Catching Fire, and am excited to start reading it! The Hunger Games, left me on a cliff hanger, so I am anxious to know what is going on now.

Sunday, it was a day of relaxation for sure! Joel has an exam on this coming Friday and he had been studying so hard last week that I literally saw him for about an hour every night. Tough, but I kept myself busy. He studied until late Saturday and through Sunday morning. He took one look at me on Sunday morning and said, "I'm not studying anymore today." You can imagine the excitement I felt when he said that. We had such fun and relaxing day accompanied by an interesting bike ride.
So, Joel has a road bike, and I have my new little cruiser. So naturally he was going so much faster than me. But, really I could not believe how out of shape I was. I was so embarrassed that I was struggling so hard. I did not understand because we had just biked through Charleston two weeks prior and even biked the Charleston harbor bridge, which was intense. We get back home, and I look at Joel and say, something is wrong. I know I am not that out of shape. He scoped the bike out and didn't see anything. I got back on, and his eyes went right to the tires. All of the sudden, I hear "Oh No! You didn't have any air in your tires." I nearly died when he said that. So, I had been basically carrying my own weight for 3.7 miles that we biked. I was relieved to know, but seriously could not believe that actually happened! We came back and enjoyed the rest of the daylight on out patio. Even Rayne decided to join!

After that, it was Law & Order SVU and grilled hamburgers to complete the night!

I hope everyone had such a lovely weekend!

& Don't forget about Time Travel Tuesday Tomorrow! The theme is: Where you were last year this time (or your own creative idea if you wish, just have fun)!

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Friday's Letters

Friday, March 23, 2012

I am getting a late start on blogging today because I debated on whether or not to even post something. I had this really great post that I was almost done typing, then had to run to the doctor for a last minute appointment. So since I am a little off today and not too focused on thoughtful words, I'm just gonna do one of my favorite Friday link ups!


Dear Friday: I am so glad you are here! This week has been so tiring and I am just ready to enjoy the "day"time!

Dear Ear: Thank you for gracing me with an ear ache that has throbbed so hard you are making my jaw hurt. Not cool.

Dear Husband: Thank you for laying with me late last night and making sure I had a cool ice pack on my ear. Thanks for cuddling and making me feel better when I was not feeling good. I know you have been so busy studying, and you worry I am lonely, but I am okay. Thanks to Hobby Lobby, blogging, and Netflix this week has been hard, but do able. Just keep up all your good work!

Dear Doctor: Thanks for fitting me in this morning and making me feel better! If only I could express how thankful I am that you are my doctor. That random match with an Internal Medicine doctor worked out so well ! I feared getting some lousy Doc who was in and out in 5 minutes, but no, you take your time with me and even do demonstrations on how I am supposed to fix a pain I am having. I wish there were more Docs like you!

Dear 23 year old body stuck in an 83 body: I know I like to do old lady things like craft and make tea, but can you lay off the joint pain and other weird bodily functions you put me through?

Dear Tonight: I am going out with friends no matter what! Doc said I can even sip a few beverages tonight on my antibiotic, so you best bet I will be!

Dear Rayne: Why do you continually eat your bed? Oh well, your getting closer to that hard plastic and your done after that. I still love you, but you are very strange sometimes.

Have a good weekend everybody!

Tax Return Splurge !

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First, did I tell you that my husband and I did our own taxes ourselves for the first time ever ? Not only did we do them, we did it right and are getting some bucks back :)

On that note, I am splurging slightly on something I really want. And I need your help to decide! I've pretty much made up my mind, but that doesn't matter because I am presuaded easily.

Splurge Option #1 A Cruiser Bicycle !
To make a long story short, I got my bike stolen 4 years ago when I left it locked up in a SECURE parking garage while I was at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Baton Rouge vacates during this tme, and some thieves slashed the cord and took my precious Schwinn Cruiser ! I've been mourning the loss of it since. And trust me, I still get pretty emotional thinking about it.

Splurge Option #2 A THEIT Camera Bag !
You don't even want to see what I use now.. It's embarassing. It barely holds my camera and two lenses and doesn't even zip. I do the half zip thing and pray nothing falls out. In Europe (summer of 2010) I had my precious lens in my purse on top of my luggage bag. Some person knocked into my luggage and down fell my purse which had my camera in it. And bam! My lens was forever broke. So needless to say, this is something I probably need.

Splurge Option #3 A Canon 50mm  F/1.4  Lens
So, I could really use another lens. I am a wee bit limited as to what I can do right now. I have a long distance lens and an 18-135m Lense. Basic stuff. I never use the long distance lense and I want to upgrade as far as quality goes.

Splurge Option #4 Save Up for that 7D camera I've been wanting 
I could always put the money aside and save it for what I really want, a new camera. I have a really fancy canon rebel right now, eh. And I feel like I would actually get back to photographing and doing what I love.

Splurge Option #5 A Singer Sewing Machine !
I've been trying to convince my Mom to hand hers over to me, but that's not going to happen. She's a sewing genius anyway and needs to keep it. Plus, she's making me some scalloped shorts right now and I don't want to jeopardize those! So maybe I need a sewing machine of my own!

Now, it's your turn to HELP me please! I'm sure when I ask the hubs what I should pick, he'll say "Whatever you want babe" And I love that, but I know you guys could help me a bit more!
W.W.Y.D <-- What would you do?

*By the way, be sure to check out the new link up starting next Tuesday (3/28) ! Time Travel Tuesday !

Time Travel Tuesday: Link Up Announcement !

I am so excited to announce that this coming Tuesday (MARCH 27th)  I will start my first continuous link up! I got this idea, because I feel like a lot of the time us bloggers write about our past, present, and future. I find myself always talking about the future, especially. This will be a great way to meet other bloggers as well!
For the first few link ups, I will do a theme to help people get inspired to write about something.
With this link up, the options are endless really. Some really great topics I had in mind when I thought of this are; write about your first job, tell us about the day you started blogging, take us away to paradise on your dream vacation in the future, remind us of what you are up to currently, talk about how excited you are to graduate/get married/have your baby, and so much more. Really, the options are endless!  

The first week (March 27th) the theme will be, "This Time Last Year" 
Tell us what you were up to. Did you overcome anything? Experience a life changing event? Start a new job? Tell us what you were up to! This will especailly be fun if you weren't blogging last year.

One day, you're going to look back on all these posts and be grateful that you told the story of your life.   

Be sure to grab the button for next Tuesday!

250 x 250
* Also, if you have any suggestions about the link up, please let me know! I always appreciate advice!

Oh How Pinteresting & WILW

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today I am linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple & Jamie from This Kind of Love!

& Are you following my Pinterest yet? Find it here

My Theme: All Things Summer & Sea blue  

Can I please live by the ocean/lake so I can relax in hammock while listening to the waves? 

This reminds me of my dream vacation in Nantucket! 

After seeing this picture, I set up my sound machine and set it ocean. 

Awesome. Love these words. 

This makes me want to go riding bikes through the beach. 

And that adorable basket, want it! 

Oh, Jackie. You are a true beauty! 

I will most likely make these myself. Toile is everywhere and I've seen many good DIY scalloped shorts tutorials. 

Are you ready for the beach now? 

1. I am loving that our tax return went well & we did it all by ourselves ! Yes, you heard that right. We are very proud! 

2. Tax money = savings! Also a small splurge on a bicycle for me =] Hence the bicycle pictures above. 

3. I am SO happy that I did well getting my blood drawn yesterday. The last time I got this done, I passed out and collapsed on the ground. My blood sugar dropped to 17 and blood pressure dropped extremely low as well. I got very sick and was pretty traumatized from it. My doctor ordered these tests for me back in October, and she had to re send them twice because I would not go in to get it done. And, yesterday I finally did it. Now, just hoping for good results! 

4. I am loving that my sweet husband made dinner last night so I could nap. After the blood test, my nerves and body were so anxious that I was exhausted. 

5. Hunger Games week has arrived! I'm skipping the overcrowded packed theatre and am going on Saturday or Sunday instead. I'd like to watch it in peace without applause and shouting. 

6. I am also loving the Hunger Games Soundtrack & Taylor Swift's new song on it! SO GOOD! 

7. I am loving that it's hump day. Really, I hate to say it, but Friday where are you? This work week has been so stressful in playing catch up from vacation! 

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