First Time At The Fair

Monday, April 30, 2012

So, on Saturday we had quite an eventful day. We had decided to go to the local fair, and were fixing some lunch before we headed out of the door. I prepared us some grapes and realized we had a lot left over. I began to give a few to Rayne, and she just proceeded to toss them around on the ground. She ended up eating three, and I thought nothing of it. Something told me that maybe dogs weren't supposed to have grapes. So, in curiosity I googled it. Well low and behold, grapes and raisins cause kidney failure in dogs. So, now I am in a panic thinking that Rayne is going to DIE. I call the vet, and they confirm how serious it is. The Vet tells us to pour 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide into her mouth so she'll throw up the grapes. After giving it to her, we anxiously waited for her to vomit, which she did. Fur Mom Fail.. Talk about how horrible I felt the entire rest of the day that I almost killed our Fur baby. But, she really was a trooper and within 30 minutes she was playing with her toys again.

Do you remember THIS post, that I just wrote last Friday about waiting to have children? Yeah, I think God was trying to confirm my thoughts and tell me, you definitely don't need a baby and have a lot to learn first. 

On Saturday afternoon (after we made sure Rayne was ok), we decided to go to the local fair. We had been wanting to go on a carnival date for awhile, so when we heard about it we decided to go. The fair, was not what we were expecting, but we made the best out of it, and actually had a pretty good time! Joel and I were some of the only adults without kids, but that was okay. After buying some ride tickets we explored the petting zoo, got some ice cream, rode some rides, and watched a pig race. I took a lot of pictures, so enjoy below! 

On the Ferris Wheel 

Second Stop: Ice Cream 

Last thing we did was watch the hilarious pig race... There were definitely some country folks at this event! 

Feeding him/her oreos

And we even brought our sweet puppy a present that Joel won at the Fair ! 

The Many Faces of Rayne ! 

You mean this is for me? I will never let it go. 

I have the best parents ever!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend !! 

A Baby Changes Everything

Friday, April 27, 2012

Why is it that the moment you get married, people want to know when you are going to have a baby? I mean, do they seriously think you are going to pull the goalie right away and give away your newlywed rights? No. At least not for us. I guess I just don't get it and probably never will, but why is it okay to badger a newly married couple about when they are going to start a family? The funny part about this, is that the people who are asking us are not even close family or friends. They are people I barely know and people that don't understand my life at all.

I don't condone having a baby right after when you get married, but really, I think every couple can benefit from having "personal time" before they expand their family. I know many family members, friends, and bloggers who chose to start families right away, which is great for them and I am enjoy reading about their new chapter of life. But, it's not what we want and it's not something we are thinking about anytime soon.

I like this quote from Ellen (can you tell I love Ellen?). When people ask her if she and Portia are going to have kids she says, "You know, Portia and I really thought about it, but we have too much breakable glass in our house." Can I just say that as selfish as this sounds, it's so incredibly true? I mean, I think Joel and I are definitely thinking this way right now. We enjoy our free time, time together, and sleeping late mornings way too much to even think that we could handle this right now. We have so much we want to do before we expand our family. I mean, Joel and I love to travel and we want to go to Africa and Egypt...that's no place for a baby or expectant woman. You see what I mean? My priorities are not in line yet at all.

Now, I know your next question. Accidents. Yes, I know there are "accidents" all the time and your probably thinking we'd never be able to handle it if it happened, but that's a lie. Joel and I talk about children seriously, almost tri weekly (is that a term?). But really, we do. We always are talking about our future and what we will do if something "out of plan happened," and trust me, we'd take anything God hands us and be grateful for children no matter when they are given to us. Am I convincing you that I'm not crazy?

My next point, Baby Fever. Yes, I have it, all the time actually. I can tell the difference between a Bugaboo and a Britaxx. Plus, pinterest doesn't help one bit. I mean come on, they make having a baby look glamorous! I like looking at baby sites quite often. But, I think it's completely natural of all women to do so. Many won't admit it, but they know more about babies then they probably lead on. For instance, I find myself youtubing water births quite often because I am bored and curious. I am naturally excited for this day. But, I can tell the difference between something that is infatuated and something that is real. And believe me, I can snap myself out of this thing real quick!

Although I am curious about a baby and envision my life with one quite often, I know that I would not intentionally have one right now. In case you are new and don't know, but my husband is in medical school and I am the only one working (hello breadwinner!) Even though financially we would not want a baby, mentally we don't want a baby. A baby is a huge responsibility and you are dedicated this child for the rest of it's life. And also, even though you say you want ONE baby, sometimes people get THREE, FOUR, and FIVE babies. That's not something I want to play with right now. Especially since twins run in my family, and I'm basically the last family member who hasn't had twins yet, it's like expected of me, okay. My mom had two sets of twin brothers!

This was one of my longer posts, are you still here? If so, thanks for reading. Your really do rock, if you read the whole thing. So, a huge thank you !

Stephanie Creekmur Design Prints - Giveaway !

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Y'all know how much I love Southern sayings, culture, and food. So, today I am giving away some really adorable Southern Sayings prints!

  The lovely Stephanie from Stephanie Creekmur Designs, sent me some samples of her work recently, and I am just in love with her prints! They are so cute and colorful.

A little bit about Stephanie:
Stephanie Creekmur Design is a stationery boutique and graphic design studio based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2009 by a girl who loves paper, all things southern, and still believes in the handwritten note. SCD provides clients with event + party invitations, birth + graduation announcements, logo + brand identities, blogger templates, prints, and every wedding paper need.


Do you want one of these prints? Well, five lucky people will be receiving a free 8x10 print from the Sweet Southern Charm collection !

I am giving away:  Hold Your Horses, Heavens to Betsy, Well Shut my Mouth, I Do Declare, and Lord Have Mercy. 

What do you need to do ? 
Leave me a comment below saying what your favorite Southern Saying is and why. I will pick my 5 favorite stories and pick some winners!
If your email/blog is not attached to your profile, please leave your email with your comment!

** I will close the comment section on May 3rd at Midnight!
Your comments are really good so far, if I can't choose 5, I will do random generator to help me decide!

Visit Stephanie's websites to see more from her ! She's got all sorts of kinds of prints !

If you order from her shop, you can pick your favorite colors too!

Don't want to wait ? Head over to her Etsy show now to place your order !

Loving My Bucket List !

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Bucket List
Thanks to Pinterest! 

I've been pinning away at the things I look forward to doing in my future, and I couldn't help getting a little carried away and pinning 10 thousand of these images. Aren't they great though? If you didn't have a bucket list before, then you can thank Pinterest for exposing you to adventures you never thought you would want to do. Here's my favorites so far... 

& Don't forget to follow my pinterest here 

I really REALLY hope this happens in the near future! 

This would just be so neat. 

Hah! How funny? 

Even though I have Raynaud's Phenomena, I really want to do this. I'll just bring an electric heater blanket. 

Hoping to do this in the next 5 years! One of the big ones on my bucket list. 

Would be so neat! I used to feed my neighbors horse everyday after school when I was a little girl. 

This may be happening THIS weekend ! 

As soon as I get the courage to do it I will be getting a tattoo!

My 29th golden birthday party will be on a yacht! For some reason, I've always said that my 29th birthday party will be huge and that I want to finally celebrate my golden birthday. So hopefully that will happen! 

We were suppose to do this on the honeymoon... But, I don't think they offered it at our place. 

Yep, hoping to learn this year! 

You've heard me talk before about how I really want to open my own boutique one day! Maybe a sandwich shop too :) 

Some things I've checked off my list: 


My favorite place in the USA, although it's kind of tied with The Grand Canyon. 

Was impeccable and just beautiful. 

Can I tell you what I wished for? That I married Joel. Silly, I know, but it came true ! 

It was pretty indeed ! 

Summer 2010. I climbed the whole way up AND down ! I was in really good shape summer 2010. 

What I'm Loving Wednesday: 

1. I am loving that we may be going to a carnival/fair this weekend! It will be our first one together!

2. That my hubby's work load is a lot lighter this week since he took his exam last Friday. It's so weird to actually have him sit on the couch with me after work.

3. I am loving that a project I am working on at work is almost complete. It's really nice to see your work coming alive.

4. I am loving that Rayne is doing so well at the park! She plays so well with others, and listens so good!

5. I am loving the cooler weather, BUT, I am not liking the 50 degree weather. 60s and up only please!

6. I am loving that I have stuck to my meal planning so far this week!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Wednesday :) 

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Chicken Teriyaki

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have not shared a recipe with y'all in awhile. So, I wanted to share my husbands favorite meal we like to cook together- Chicken Teriyaki! You will notice that the meal is very simple. I am a fairly picky eater and don't prefer onions or peppers in my meals. Are you a picky eater too? This recipe is great for you! 

Vegetables: Broccoli (1 cup if only vegetable used)
Optional Veggies: Carrots, Red Peppers, Green Peppers (1/4 cup of each vegetable) 
Sauce: Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki 
Rice: Brown Rice 

1. Prepare brown rice in a boiling pot. Brown rice usually needs about 35-40 minutes to cook, unless you have a rice cooker. Just be sure to cook the rice first since it takes longer.  
2. Wash off two chicken breasts in water, then place them on medium heat in a grill or pan. 
3. Cook chicken until it is brown and not pink on the inside. 
4. Pour out fatty juices out of the pan and add Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Sauce when chicken is cooked and browned. 
5. After sauce is warm and bubbling, add broccoli and other vegetables of choice. 
6. Dish up a serving of rice and top it off with the teriyaki chicken and veggies.

& Then Enjoy ! 

I know this requires store bought soy sauce, but this sauce is sold in many grocery stores, and is one of my favorites that I have ever tried. I know that I do not have the time to home make my teriyaki sauce, so I am just glad to share with you a sauce that I favor over many others sold. 
And if anything else, I really wanted to show off my photography  =p  I worked pretty hard in taking these pictures, using my new tips I learned, so I really wanted to share! Lately, I've been trying to improve my picture taking abilities, so this is me trying.

A Prom Story We'll Never Forget.

Monday, April 23, 2012

So, this weeked was quite eventful! Friday night we started the weeked by celebrating that Joel was done with his exam, by going to the Med School Prom! We had a blast, but there definitely is a kicker to the story that we weren't expecting. Read below to read about our Friday night adventure!

Funny Story alert

After a long night of dancing on the rooftop and hanging out with friends, we left the ball and headed home. We took a taxi ride home since we knew we'd both be having a few drinks each. When we got home we checked our pockets for the keys and could not find them anywhere. We re-traced our steps and began to panic. After 30 minutes, we called pop a lock, and they told us that it would be a minimum of $85 to open the door. That was not possible in our books. 

I knew there was only one option.. to sleep in the car for the night until we figured things out in the morning. All of our friends left before we did, so we didn't want to wake them. Would be nice to have family here, but we don't... you can always wake them up :) 

 So we called Onstar, and had them unlock the doors so we could get in. About 30 minutes later we realized that we really needed to go to the bathroom. As soon as we opened the doors, the alarm began to sound and we could not figure out how to turn it off. We were so nervous and scared that our neighbors would be so mad since it was 1am. Probably 5 minutes later, we figured out how to make it stop, but our neighbor had already come out and given us an earful.

In the process, we jumped back in the car and locked ourselves back in. But, we still had to go the bathroom after the alarm had stopped. So we tried again, and we unlocked the door first. That didn't work, so here there we were again mortified waiting for the alarm to stop. It finally did, and so we both ran and found bushes to go in. Luckily I had napkins in the car so I was good to go. The alarm didn't go off again so we were relieved. We then, slept in the car for the next 5 hours until we woke at 6am starving and thirsty. 

Joel walked to the McDonalds (in his tuxedo, may I add) and got us food while I waited to hopefully catch our landlord. He proceeded to tell me that a homeless woman asked him if he would buy her breakfast, so he did, and he told me, "I did, because I knew how terrible it felt to be homeless for 7 hours." 

So, by 7:30 we began calling him in hopes he'd answer. 8:30am rolls around, and still no answer. We then decide to bang on his door until he answered because we were so exhausted from the whole experience. He finally opened the door at around 9, and we got in. Needless to say, we slept the whole next day. 

What a story, huh? 

Lesson learned: We will put a spare key somewhere so that next time this won't happen!

We snuggled with Rayne all day on Saturday since we were exhausted. After waking up at 2pm, we walked Rayne, and tried to enjoy some part of the day. We at at Panera, and I had a yummy Thai salad. After, we decided to see The Lucky One, which was so good! I loved it, so much ! Cool fact: The Lucky One was filmed in my hometown!! You can imagine the Zefron fever everyone had. The opening scene with the views of the swampy waters, that was less than a mile away from the canal that my parents live on. Pretty cool ! I looked for my house, but they didn't zoom out enough. Oh well, still pretty cool. 
Also, I took a picture of our bed, because we made the bed Friday night before we went to prom, and Saturday when we  came in we looked at the bed and just said, "I hate you bed!" So ironic that we rarely make our bed, and the night we do, we couldn't sleep in it. 

Sunday we relaxed some more and enjoyed the sunny but chilly weather! 

So, how was your weekend? 

The Med School Ball {prom}

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, the medical school ball {prom} is tomorrow night and I still need to get my ducks in a row for it. I contemplated so many times as to whether I should go buy a dress or just wear one I already have. I decided to wear this blue dress since I've only worn it one another time and I really liked how it sparkled. What do y'all think? A lot of the other girls will be in shorter dresses. Most don't the typical long prom dress, so I figured I'd just go with something I already had. 

Now, I need your help! 

For shoes, this is what I had in mind: 
 I want something sparkly to go with the beading on the shoulders and waist. Shoes are from Steve Madden. 

For the Hair: 

 As you can tell, I am going for the braid look. I am not the best at doing my own hair, but I will have plenty of time to do trial and error. Any tricks you want to share? 


I don't plan on wearing a necklace since it's already a busy area. So, I plan to wear my Mignon Faget Knot ring (Left) and my Silver Pandora Charm bracelet (Right). I have not a clue what to do for earrings.. Should I do dangling earrings or stud earrings? 
*By the way, Mignon Faget is a New Orleans jewelry designer, should check her out if you haven't heard of her before! 

What do y'all think of my ideas so far? I am open to suggestions! 

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