18 weeks of baby bump

Friday, November 30, 2012

How Far Along: 18 weeks as of 11/22

Size of the Baby: baby is the size of a pear

Maternity Clothes: Belly band is still sufficing and I am loving my new maternity jeans in denim and red!

Stretch marks: none

Weight gain: Not very much & still the same...But my doctor says Baby and I are perfectly healthy! They're convinced I'll be gaining it all at the end.

Sleep: Trying to convince my husband I need a full body pillow, even though I'm really not at the stage to need it yet.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing our baby girl on the ultrasound screen in 3D AND 4D! She was in a good position, so our tech let us switch over, it was amazing! She was grinning and sucking her thumb! 

Movement: Lots of movement, she is one active little girl :)

Food Cravings: Not really any cravings yet. 

Gender: Baby Girl ! Watch our gender reveal here.

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week, thank goodness! I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving and all of its delights!

What I miss:
Missing normal clothes. My belly shows in my work blouses and camisoles are just pointless. Time to go shopping! 

What I am looking forward to: Buying girl clothes! Joel and I bought her a cable knit sweater and a ONE piece swimsuit, because Daddy helped choose :)

Nursery: Ordered the crib on cyber Monday, woohoo! I'm brewing up some ideas for fabrics since my oh so talented Mama is sewing her bedding :)

Emotions: So happy! The news of us having a baby girl just makes me so smiley and bright lately! I also am very much still empathetic. 

thursday giveaway: blue bird bride shop

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today, Blue Bird Bride the etsy shop is giving away a $20 gift card for some beautiful jewelry! I visited her shop, and I'm already am making a Christmas list for the items I want. I have been eying those gorgeous sideways crosses, and her shop has them! Also, she sells the coveted bubble necklaces that are so cute right now! I'll take one in black and white, please :)

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thanksgiving in louisiana

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving day was a quiet one out in the swamp/bayou. My parents hosted Thanksgiving at their house and we enjoyed dinner with mine and Joel's parents together. I am so blessed that our family's can share the holidays together, it makes things so nice. We enjoyed chatting, cooking, and crafting for the gender reveal the next day. Joel and his brothers enjoyed watching football, playing football, and engaging in some pool. Even Rayne joined in on the game! You won't find any Turkey or food pictures here, the turkey was already cut by the time I woke up, and well..the food went fast too!
Beautiful sunset at my parents

And then on Saturday we had a thanksgiving picnic at my aunt and uncle's farm house out in the country. It was so fun to just relax and kick back in such a serene place. The boys had fun playing games and the girls enjoyed chatting and making smores.

Mama and I
Beautiful Barn
Umm, my cousins adorable pups that I wanted to take home! Beignet and Bijou!

Possible Christmas card pic?
yumm, I had two! One for me, and one for baby girl :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! It was definitely a great time for us and we miss our friends, family, and Louisiana so much already! Till Christmas...we'll see ya next time!

Letters to baby girl volume 3.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

These are the balloons that soared out of the box to let us know we're having a girl.

 Dear baby girl,

I cannot believe I can finally refer to you as my baby girl, my daughter, a her, and a she! The two weeks leading up to our gender scan I had some strong feelings that you were indeed a girl, I tried to stay unbiased since I was happy with either, but some really strong feelings began to grow and I started picturing myself with a daughter. On November 23, 2012 at around 1 o'clock, I'd say my life officially changed forever. You've been in my belly for 18 weeks now, and I finally felt the strongest connection to you in that very moment when I saw those pink balloons floating into the sky. Baby girl, you are a dream come true and I am so happy to be giving new life to a daughter. Besides having a real life baby doll that I get to dress up, I am just so excited about teaching you so many things in your life. We are going to have so much fun together. Mommy was a bit of a tomboy growing up, so I hope you are open to learning how to play softball and volleyball. Your Daddy is already so excited to meet you, and he can't wait to hold you in his arms. Your Daddy is going to make you laugh, roll around on the floor, give you piggy back rides, and so much more. When we looked at you on the 4D ultrasound we saw you grinning and sucking your thumb, our hearts melted. We are head over heels in love with you sweet girl, and cannot wait to meet you in April! Your Daddy and I have narrowed down about 3-5 potential names on our 5 hour drive home, and after you being calm all day you started kicking when we said we really liked a certain name. I believe you like this name, and we are almost positive we've decided on it, thanks to your little signal. Keep growing strong and healthy baby girl, we love you so much.

Love your Mommy and Daddy

See our gender reveal video here.
Thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments on our news, so blessed to have such sweet readers! Will be responding to all of them :)

Our Baby Is A...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

On November 23, 2012 at around 1 o'clock we learned what our baby's gender was. That morning we had an ultrasound and had the tech write the baby's sex on a piece of paper sealed in an envelope. We did not peak and brought our box to the party store for them to fill with pink or blue balloons. We picked up our sealed box, went home, and had our friends and family come over. It was a surprise for everyone, and Joel and I found out together with our family and friends; it was really beautiful! 
 Watch the video I put together below to see our reveal!


We are so excited to meet our baby GIRL!

& that is my silly mama dancing around after the reveal, cheering for 3 generations of girls! 

holiday dress code : max studio

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Max Studio Facebook :: Shop

Have you seen Max Studio's fall line this year? I think you should head over here right away if you haven't taken a look. This years pieces are just stunning! The holidays are my favorite time to dress up and get all gussied for a party. Each year, I am always looking for a dress that suits the occasion, and this year I have definitely found some big contenders with Max Studio's line. I just cannot get enough of the black sequin dress above, it is so glamorous and you will surely be the center of attention in it. The emerald green dress is so flirty, fun, and chic; perfect for any holiday party. The two sheer lace dresses at the bottom are just the definition of sexy. Going to a party to stand out or to make heads turn? These two are your best dress options.Max Studio has really given women some exceptional pieces this year, and I am so happy to feature them. My Mom and I own many pieces from Max Studio and I always appreciate their high quality, classic style, and timeless pieces. It is rare for me to accept features from designers, but with my great experience from Max Studio and the satisfaction from my previous purchases, I knew this was just the perfect designer for my blog to highlight, especially during the holidays.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

17 weeks

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I know I am hitting y'all with a double whammy this week with bump-dates, but I am just trying to play catch up, and now I am all caught up :)

How Far Along: 17 weeks as of 11/15

Size of the Baby: baby is the size of a sweet potato

Maternity Clothes: Belly band is still sufficing and I am loving my new maternity jeans in denim and red!

Stretch marks: none

Weight gain: Still about 3 lbs. I've had some rather painful indigestion that almost sent me to the ER, so this really messed up my appetite. Now I am on Nexium twice a day (80mg total + 2 Zantac per day) to help with the indigestion. Any other Mama's been prescribed this amount? I am so nervous about the baby's health even though I trust my doctor.

Sleep: Sleep is good, just waking up super early for some reason.

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating Thanksgiving and going home to Louisiana for some much needed family and friend time! I can't wait to just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet for awhile.

Movement: More bubbles and a few jabs :)

Food Cravings: Nothing...

Gender: Not yet, we find out on November 23rd! We're so excited!

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Doing pretty good here. Just am trying not to eat small portions to help prevent those feelings.

What I miss:
 I miss wine. Joel and I went to Bonefish grill this weekend, and I just really wanted some white wine to go with my fish.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the sex this Friday!!!

Nursery: Have the crib, glider, and theme for either sex picked out. Can't wait to know which one it will be on Friday!

Emotions: Those empathetic feelings have definitely escalated. I cried through Twilight and literally bawled my eyes out in the movie A little piece of Heaven (with Kate Hudson). Then I had a dream that night that a family member of mine passed away, and I woke up sobbing. So, yes. I'd say emotions are especially high right now. But, I am glad it's only the empathy that has my emotions high. 

Also, today I did a little feature/interview over at TJ's blog, and I loved answering her questions, so go check it out here, to learn more about me :) 

16 weeks

Sunday, November 18, 2012

How Far Along: 16 weeks as of 11/08

Size of the Baby: baby is the size of a Turnip

Maternity Clothes: Still using the belly band and just got my maternity jeans in yay!

Stretch marks: none, using bio oil and earth mama oil. Hoping it works!

Weight gain: About 3 lbs

Sleep: Sleep is good, starting to wake up a bit more often though.

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating Papa Joel's birthday! Joel even got to feel some bubbles in my tummy. So glad the baby was moving around a bit for him!

Movement: Bubbles and jabs! Loving every bit of it!

Food Cravings: Nothing really.

Gender: Not yet, we find out on November 23rd! We're so excited!

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Overeating makes me feel really sick really quick, so I haven't really been enjoying heavier meals.

What I miss:
 I miss being able to grab a random outfit and slip it on for work. Nowadays it's so hard to find a top that fits over my belly. 

What I am looking forward to: More movement, and hopefully some kicks!

Nursery: Joel and I decided on a theme for either sex, so once we know what it is then I'll tell you more!

Emotions: I definitely am getting really empathetic lately, when I see someone crying it makes me want to cry. I work in a hospital and saw a couple holding each other and crying, and I just starting getting tears in my eyes.  

caterpillars in the garden {child photoshoot}

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Late in the summer I took some photos of a precious little girl named Addison. I met her Mom, Mary Beth, through the blog world, and they were just the sweetest little pair. I really enjoyed taking Addison's pictures, she was so adorable and sweet. And how cute is her little caterpillar smock? It was the perfect little outfit for the location; I took her photos at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Ironically, the day I took Addison's pictures, I thought it was the heat that was making feel faint and weak, but later that night and 6 pregnancy tests later I found out I was pregnant! So, funny little story to go along with these pictures.

I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak! And if you'd like to be a fan of my photography page, you can check it out here.

Also, the winner to last weeks two giveaways are Lynne F and Kristen S (announced here); congrats you two!

Pretty Invites {Gender Reveal}

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last week was a bit overwhelming for me, as I had lots of work to do regarding editing, printing, and edging paper. I finally mailed out all of our invitations over the weekend and said I am done. But, I can't complain much, thanks to The Wedding Chicks, I had a free template to use and got to play with it to make it my own. After taking out some wording and making it more "Gender Reveal-esque" I was so happy with the way they turned out. I found the perfect template with two adorable pink and blue flying kites and instantly had a vision of what I wanted this invitation to look like.
With a little over a week left till we find out, I'm so excited to have this little party with all of our family and friends present. We will find out with everyone at the same time, so I am sure I will be having all sorts of anxiety over the actual "revealing" part. Whether it be the cake cutting or balloon release, I am sure Joel will have to just do it because I am going to be too emotional to do it myself. We are not hoping for one particular sex, but I am still so nervous/excited to know what this baby is. Joel doesn't want to talk about names until we know the sex, so he has a little over a week until I break out that notebook I've had stashed away since I was 12 filled with all of the gazillion baby names I love, brace yourself babe, that 5 hour drive back home will be SO MUCH FUN! 

So, here is my big invitation reveal!

Oh...And feel free to cast your vote...over there >> at the top right corner! I'd love to know what everyone thinks :) 

our trip to buy buy baby

Monday, November 12, 2012

This weekend after eating dinner close by Buy Buy Baby, we decided to go in and check out some items that I have been eying and doing research on lately. I know many of you are thinking I am jumping the gun here, and well I kind of am, but at the same time, I am the type to do extensive research on every single item I register for. I did this for our wedding and when I got my new car, and well you can bet I'll be a research-aholic with our baby registry. I am all about quality and getting items that have long life longevity.
We had a lot of fun in the store, more fun that I thought we would. I was highly entertained from watching my husband try to figure out how to detach the car seat from the adapter. Another guy walked up and detached the car seat next to it in probably 3 seconds, while my husband and I stood there for probably 8 minutes trying to un-do it. I finally got down on the ground and figured it out...we have lots to learn!We had a lot of fun trying out all of the strollers. There were some that I couldn't wait to see in person and push around. It was so fun, and I loved walking around with a stroller and imagining that there will be a baby in it soon.

For the Stroller:
I love the Britax B Ready, and so does Joel. But, we have a conflict of interest because Joel loves to run and we have been really into walking trails since moving to Birmingham. We decided we'll definitely register for the B Ready, but are contemplating on registering for the B.O.B jogger as well? If anyone has anyone advice on this, please let me know.

Why I loved the Britax: The Britax was very smooth, sturdy, stylish, and secure. Some contenders were the Bugaboo, Uppababy, and Bumbleride. The Bugaboo is overrated..there I said it. Plus, I hated how low the bassinet and seat are. I felt that the Uppababy and the Britax are very similar, but I immediately fell in love with the Britax's soft chassis, 2nd seat option, covered wheels, and large basket that is accessible from the front and the back. I was sold on the Britax, plus it felt a bit more sturdier/heavier than the Uppababy. I just adore it, and can't wait to actually push our little baby around in it.
Thanks to Natasha and her baby gear posts for introducing me to this brand!

Car Seat:
First I was going to go for the Britax, because I've heard really good things about how safe it was. But then I learned that the Britax stroller has a universal car seat adapter so I could look at all other options. From research I knew the Peg Perego had amazing reviews, and when I saw it, it was an immediate yes. Safety is huge for Joel and I. If you were with me when I was picking out my new car 2 years ago you'd know I watched every car crash test video on youtube before making my decision. So, I've done the extensive research and know how safe this seat is. It may be a bit pricier, but I think it is worth it to feel that your baby is safe.

Thanks to Delighted Momma's professed love for the ErgoBaby, we saw it in store and both agreed that it was definitely the better choice. I was sold on the Bjorn for awhile, but after learning that the Ergobaby is better for your back,  I was sold. I've had back issues since I was a teen, so I want to make every effort to preserve it. Another thing I learned is that the carriers that have the design where the baby is "hugged" and not "cupped" is easier on boy babies when they get older. I will be looking at wraps next, so send any suggestions my way.

Nap Nanny:
I saw a friend bought this awhile back and raved about how good her baby slept in it. Some think it's overrated, and I kind of agree, but I think having a seat that is portable and cozy for the baby is really important for us. Joel and I travel a lot and are always on the go, so I know we will really appreciate having this rather than un hooking a swing and folding it up for a quick trip to a friends or taking on a long trip.

There you have it, our favorite baby gear so far! Joel tried to hurry me out of the store because he said he wanted to save the rest for next time, and save some of the fun. I'll update you the next time, but hopefully you enjoyed this, and if you have any of these items or have any that you suggest, I am all ears!

Happy Monday!

thursday giveaway x2

Thursday, November 8, 2012

You readers are some lucky people! I have two fabulous ladies giving away a Starbucks and Etsy gift card! I could use both of those right about now, but I will leave it up to y'all to win :)

First up is Allie from A Day In A Joyful Life. Allie is a super sweet girl whose blog is very cozy and friendly. Allie has a cute little fur baby that is too precious for words.

Allie is Giving away a $15 gift card to Starbucks! Now all you peppermint mocha fans can enter this giveaway so you can get more of those or if you're like me, you can splurge on cake pops!

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Next up is a giveaway from Jessica over at Here & Now. Jessica is super stylish! I adore her bold but classic looks. This girl knows how to put an outfit together!


Jessica is giving away a $25 gift card to Etsy! And with the holiday season coming up, all those handmade crafts, stationary, and cute accessories are definitely on my list.

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Both giveaways will end on Tuesday at midnight, so enter for your chance to win! I will be checking entires. Thank you to Allie and Jessica for offering my readers such amazing gifts!

Good Luck! 

Bahama Babymoon

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Bahama Babymoon was such a great trip, we miss it so much already. This little cruise was planned pre-pregnancy, and we really didn't want to cancel it, so we decided to still go and make some great memories together. We had so much time to relax and unwind, just what we both needed. We didn't mind the rainy days because we just enjoyed sleeping, playing cards, and watching movies in our cabin when it was yucky weather. We only had one day of sunshine, so no tans for us! We are that lame couple who took very little pictures, but I'll blame it on the weather... We had to cancel our excursion since the weather was bad, so this cruise was super laid back, which ended up being just fine for us. We enjoyed shopping in Freeport, exploring Atlantis in Nassau, and walking down Duvall st. in Key West! It was a perfect trip!
Since hurricane Sandy was in the gulf we had an extra day at sea due to us not being able to dock into port canaveral again. That day was rough. I've been on a handful of cruises and I've never felt swells of 24foot high before. Talk about scary. The boat rocking was really rough the last night, and well I was happy to run off that ship come morning. It was definitely an experience :) 

We're keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to take a long weekend trip sometime in the early spring to maybe have a couple of days to ourselves before the baby arrives at the end of April. 

15 weeks baby bump.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I was repping the LSU baby onesie this week in hopes that our LSU Tigers could beat Bama in one of the most exciting games of our season, but most of us know that didn't happen. Oh well, I am still so proud of our Tigers and it was a great game! We are already so excited about teaching our baby the fight song and buying him or her a cheerleader outfit or a football jersey!  

How Far Along: 15 weeks as of 11/01

Size of the Baby: baby is the size of an avocado

Maternity Clothes: Still rocking the belly band, but just ordered some maternity jeans in denim and red. I can't wait to get them!

Stretch marks: none

Weight gain: About It varies from 2-3.5 lbs. It's weird that my belly is obviously portruding, but I haven't gained very much. At least according to my sharper image scale... We'll see at my check up next week.

Sleep: Sleep is good, but it's starting to get harder to sit up and turn in the bed.

Best Moment of the Week: I thought I felt some movement early in the week, but didn't realize it was indeed our baby until that Sunday. It was amazing! I was laying in bed, and just felt very slow movements passing from side to side in my belly (like a large slow moving fish). Nothing too noticeable from the outside, but I really enjoyed that little moment.

Movement: Flutters, possible movement, and definitely some growing belly pains.

Food Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary!

Gender: Not yet, we find out on November 23rd! We're so excited!

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still certain smells get me at times.

What I miss:
 I miss feta cheese. I've wanted a greek salad so many times this week, but it's just not the same without that delicious feta.

What I am looking forward to: More definitive movement!

Nursery: I have some new ideas, but won't decide till we know the sex. We are hoping to order the crib and glider at the end of the month, if I can just decide first!

Emotions: Mostly normal, I think :) 

I cannot believe I am actually caught up on these weekly updates, yay! I know I'll be so thankful I did these weekly pictures once my album is ready and the baby is here, but right now, it's hard work to take the picture, edit the photo, and then post these little updates. I know it will be worth it in the end and I'll be so happy I did it! 

14 weeks baby bump.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thank you Becky for the cute meow face paint idea :) 

How Far Along: 14 weeks as of 10/25 !

Size of the Baby: baby is the size of a naval orange!

Maternity Clothes: Still rocking the belly band! 

Stretch marks: none

Weight gain: About 2 lbs. I'm still getting over food aversions. 

Sleep: Sleep is good :)

Best Moment of the Week: Going on our Baby-Moon to the Bahamas! We booked it pre-pregnancy, but still wanted to go, and well we took full advantage of sleeping in and room service. 

Movement: Still some flutters. 

Food Cravings: No cravings really, still getting over the food aversion hump. But definitely loving that I can eat most foods now!  

Gender: Not yet. 

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Certain smells get me at times. 

What I miss:
 I hadn't missed frozen alcoholic drinks until we went on the cruise, but I caved and got a Virgin Pina Colada cause I missed those!  

What I am looking forward to: Maybe movement soon? I can't wait for that day.

Nursery: Waiting mostly till we know the sex.

Emotions: Pretty good, I think :) 

slightly obsessed.

Friday, November 2, 2012

 I don't know if any of you are hooked on the X Factor like I am, but I really cannot get enough of it. I am an American Idol fan turned X Factor fan now. I think because I've always had this unrealistic dream of being a singer one day, that these shows really speak to me. And after every season ends, I say, I'm going to try out the next year. Hah- y'all I can't really carry a tune... sometimes I think I do, but I know the real truth. So, I get my thrills instead from watching these shows and living the dream through these contestants.
If you're a fan of X Factor, then you know last night was elmination, and I agreed with every contestant going home, EXCEPT for Diamond White. I understand all of those kids are good, but really I think Arin got the sympathy vote on that one. Diamond clearly is much better than Carly, and it made me so sad to see her go home. I was also sad to see Sister C go home, but besides their musical talent, I couldn't stand their sour attitude off screen. But, they make nice music, and I'd definitely be a fan if someone picked them up. Young adults: So sad to see my homeboy Willy go home, but, I don't think this is the last we'll see of him.
Ok, I'm done blabbing! Am I the only one X Factor obsessed?

This weekend Joel and I will lay low until Saturday night when our LSU Tigers take on Bama! I'm not gonna lie, I'm super nervous... I'm keeping my lips zipped because I am not sure which way this will go. But, I really hope we pull out a win. Geaux Tigers!!

<< >>

Enough of me and my ramblings, today I am featuring some lovely ladies! I've gotten to know both of these ladies, and they are so incredibly sweet. Erin is sweet, witty, and genuine and Niki is charming, sweet, and super stylish! You will love them both! So go get to know them below and be sure to check out their awesome blogs!

Blog // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram @empiricallyerin 

Be sure to check out Erin's posts below, she is such a great writer and really writes posts from her heart and personal experiences !
Serendipity <<such a cute little story
Cinco de Mayo << she's a latina like me :)

Niki has some amazing Outfits posts you need to check out! Here style is very chic, sophisticated, classic, and relatable. Personally I want every one of her outfits! 
Denim and Cowboy Boots << I just am in love with her boots in this post!
Corduroy, Leopard, and a Blazer << loving her wine colored corduroy pants!

<< >>

Okay, now be sure to go say hello to these fabulous ladies! I adore them both and know you will too :) 

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

if you really knew me, part dos.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm not gonna lie, I've been wanting to do a part two since I first did part one, and then I saw Kristin posted her part two this week and figured I needed to do it too. Honestly, I had so much fun talking about the intimate details of my life and giving y'all a little insight on who I really am. So, I am going to roll with it, and give y'all some more.

If you really knew me.... kinda deep and a little baby related

You'd know that I'm struggling to get my photo business rolling. The hardships of having only one lens, an outdated/slow computer, very little time to take/edit pictures, a full time job on top, the fear of not being good, and not having  much confidence in my work even though others say it is good overwhelms me at times. I find that when I push myself through these things I end up surprising myself and realizing I can do it. I need to get over that hill again.

You would know that I am not scared of being a new Mom, I feel like I was born with natural maternal instincts and have been waiting for this moment my whole life. I was that kid who chose to babysit on the weekends rather hang out with friends. I am actually more nervous about adapting to this new life. I'm scared of less time time/focus with my husband, not sleeping, lack of attendance to social outings, raising a baby while my husband is still in medical school, and more.

You'd know that the pregnancy was not planned, though after dealing with some health issues back in April and facing some new health issues over the summer and having to start a new medication therapy, recently we spontaneously tossed up the idea that we may want to get pregnant sooner than we planned since my health situation would make things more difficult. And my goodness, we definitely didn't think it could really happen or happen that fast thank you to those 4 glasses of wine.  Now you can all go laugh at me because I wrote this post back in April, and now look at me, eating my words, haha!

You would know that I am already freaking out about how cold it is in Birmingham. I'm not one for the cold weather, so this will be a long ride. I have horrible circulation, so as my right leg is nice and warm, my left leg will be ice cold. I am already in trouble with Joel as he found the thermostat on 80 degrees this week. Oops.

You'd know that I love to travel and want to see the world. I often think about where Joel and I will live after he is done with Medical School, and I think "Oh wow... south Florida, Nashville, or the Carolina's would be beautiful," but then I get scared and think how hard it will be to start over again in a new place. It took about a year for us to appreciate Birmingham, and now that we're comfy, we're not sure if we could leave again.

You would know that choosing a name for our baby will be the hardest thing ever. I love unique/un-common but classic names. The minute I hear my favorite name being said just a little more frequently, I immediately develop a dislike for it. I also am strong willed on this topic and won't share my favorite baby names with anyone. It's like the rules in football, you don't show the other team your playbook.

<< >>

That is all I can muster up for today folks. If you have any questions for me, you can ask me here, and I'll be happy to answer :)

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so excited for the weekend already!
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