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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The plant above is no ordinary plant. You see, a few weeks back this plant arrived at my front door, accompanied by a green frog, might I add, that sent my husband cursing like a sailor when it jumped out of the box and onto his shirt. This beautiful plant was sent to me by: 

When the news broke of my brother and nephews death, these girls got together and sent me the kindest gift of comfort, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. I was blown away by their generosity and loving motion. I just wanted to give them each a shout out because it was really a moving gift for me to receive, and now I have this plant to nurture and care for forever, and it will always remind me of each of them. That is really special, and I am so thankful for these ladies. So ladies, thank you. Thank you for being so caring and loving during this time. I am beyond grateful for you and your friendship, I cannot tell you how much receiving this plant meant to me. Just know you really touched my heart and soul on this one.


Now, I'd like to take a moment to cover another topic that ran across my brain the days following after I received the plant. BLOGGING. After it sunk in that these girls had sent me such a kind gift, I thought... that is why I blog. I don't blog for quantity, numbers, comments, sponsors, money, etc. I blog because I can make deep connections with other people around the world which has given me the privilege to create friendships with.the most sincere and selfless people.
I took a step back from link ups, giveaways, sponsored posts, etc late last summer because I felt my blog had lost direction and quality. Sure, I still do giveaways and sponsored posts- but I am very picky as to who I let take up a post. And for link ups, those are rare for me.
When I chose to step back from the 'current" so-to-speak, I learned a lot about myself and about blogging. I actually got to know my readers, I spent more time on other blogs, and developed relationships. That is incredibly rewarding you guys. Since I made that decision and chose to blog for quality, I have been able to respond to about 85%+ of my comments and actively enjoy those other blogs. (Now, given the recent events in my life, I've significantly taken a step back from my normal routine, but I hope in time to be back there.) There are also blogs out there with those bigger readerships who do a really great job in still maintaining those relationships, and I applaud them for that. It is extremely difficult to keep up, and to see them still interacting with others is really lovely to see.
Some months back, I had a realization that as much as I loved seeing my blog grow, I also am content with where it is. I look at these other bloggers who have 7-15,000 readers and think WOW, that's cool, but then realize that most of them at that point have partnered with big companies who have turned their blog into a business. And as much as I may have wanted that at one point, I realized that that's not the reason I made my blog, and it's definitely a direction I don't see my little site taking. And, I am happy with that. I am happy knowing that I have relationships with my readers, rather than just their head count that they 'popped' into my blog for the day.
Now, I may not always do the best job in reciprocating back, but it is my goal now, and rather than thinking "How can I boost my numbers today," I think, "How can I make time to respond to my emails/comments and visit their blogs."  I've gone as far as not posting for days until I made that time to respond, because it really does mean that much to me. I don't want anyone to feel ignored or looked over. Every comment/email is special to me, and I never want to have the outlook where I just press 'delete' and make a new post for the next day.
I do worry that once Scarlett arrives that this will be challenging, but from what I've built up I feel like many will understand and know from their experience with me that I still do care.

With all of that being said, I just wanted to take the opportunity to let others see what wonderful things do come of blogging at any phase. Whether you have 10 readers or 10,000 readers, you are still being appreciated, and you still have something that the blogger on the other side does not typically have. And, be proud of that and cherish it.


  1. Yes! I think you hit the nail on the head. I just started my blog last December and have barely 20 readers right now. But I'm ok with. I'm not blogging for numbers. I'm blogging for connection and to share my stories. I think you will still be an amazing blogger after Scarlett arrives! And I cannot wait to read your posts then too!

  2. OMG - you didnt tell me about the frog!!!! Haha that is hilarious!!!! :) I really am glad you loved the plant and know that we love you oh so very much!!! :)

  3. love this post britt! late last summer/early fall, i was caught up in "the numbers," and felt like i wasn't doing a good job blogging because i don't have a huge readership. i felt like i failed if someone stopped following via gfc. but then i realized that i blog for me and the friendships i have made...and that is WAAAAYY more important to me than having thousands of readers.

    i'm so thankful for your friendship, and i'm so glad you love the plant! like lauran said, that is hilarious about the frog!!!

  4. This is also why I do love blogging, and why the blogging community is so awesome! I will admit though, this post came at a perfect time for me. I have been thinking about my little blog a lot lately and questioning why I do this, and this is a great post to remind me what blogging is really about. Connecting with others and not meeting certain numbers. Thanks for this! :)

  5. Great post. I just wrote about why like to blog too. Seems like blog world is full of inspiration to write today! This has to be a tough time for you, and I for one appreciate you keeping up with posting. You were one of my first followers (not that I have a ton now, lol) and I have enjoyed following your story. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Lol! Tell Joel sorry! The frog was from me! ;) just kidding! That's funny though! He must have had a nice travel.. This post made me start to tear up a lil. I'm so glad that Lauran put this together so I could join in and show we care about you! And you are so right.. i'm still feeling a little new to the scene so of course I get wrapped up in the numbers sometimes but really.. blogging is so much more special when we form bonds or friendships with one another! xoxo

  7. That is too funny about the frog. Poor lil guy just wanted out!

    So glad that you loved the plant. We love you & just wanted to remind you of that.

  8. Britt, the plant and the story made me teary!! That was just so sweet and I'm so glad that they did that for you.

    And about the rest of your post, I'm with you completely. I've been pretty slow at writing blog posts lately (first trimester will definitely do that to you, as you know!), but I'm also being more conscious about what I write. I always remind myself that this blog is a reflection of me and I always want my posts to be meaningful. I also remind myself that each post could be the first one someone reads and I want to make sure it's a good one!

  9. That is so sweet!

    I completely agree. Blogging is so fantastic! I cannot believe the genuine friendships I have made through it. :)

  10. We are just as thankful for you! :) It's the least we could do to let you know we care and think of you!!! That is one reason why I love the blogging world so much as well, connecting with amazing people throughout the world that we otherwise probably wouldn't have :) Love you friend!

  11. We are just as thankful for you! :) It's the least we could do to let you know we care and think of you!!! That is one reason why I love the blogging world so much as well, connecting with amazing people throughout the world that we otherwise probably wouldn't have :) Love you friend!

  12. That IS what it is all about! What a great community we have all built!!!

  13. It is very sweet that they sent you a Peace Lily, seems like it earned its name :)


  14. Such a great post! I really enjoy your blog and I think you do a great job keeping up with good content and it isn't too "commercial" with linkups/ads etc at all! I love the balance you have!

  15. I wasn't aware of this sad event in your life. Please accept my condolences. It is good to have friends and support - on or off line!

    Beautiful blog you have.

  16. I am with you. Lately I alternate between taking days to respond to emails/comments and other days to go through my reader and comment on blogs I haven't visited in a while. A little stay at home Momma advice- naptime is blogtime!!


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