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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1. Bottles: We registered for the Dr. Brown's and the Tommee Tippee bottles. The Dr. Brown's bottles are supposed to be the best bottles and do the best job in preventing gas. Tommee Tippee is pretty close in this category. I registered for two different sets just in case Scarlett didn't take to one kind, then I'd have a back up.

2. Breast Pump Essentials: We did not register for a breast pump, because fortunately our insurance covers the Medela Advanced Pump In Style breast pump. I am beyond relieved to have found this out, so we are really thankful for this. We did register for the Medela Storage Solution Set though. we are also told that our hospital will provide a Medela manual pump for us to take home, so this was also really nice to know since we did not have to register for that either. I know it will come in handy to keep in the car for when I will unexpectedly need it.

3. Nursing Accessories: Lansinoh Breast Soothies and Lansinoh Nursing Pads. The breast soothies I hear are great for sore/cracked nipples and brings lots of relief to them. The disposable nursing pads are great for leaks, so that you hopefully won't need to re-dress. I will also be trying out the lansinoh and earth mama nipple creme as well. I'll get back to you on which I like best.

4. Nursing Pillow: I registered for the Brest Friend and the Boppy Pillow. The nurse at our class told us that the brest friend is actually better for taller women and provides more back support, and that the boppy tends to move around. The Boppy, however, does provide tummy time and a place for baby to rest, so we figured we'd register for both so we had options.

5. Bottle Washing Accessories: We registered for the Boom drying rack and the Dr. Brown's bottle brush The Boom drying rack is just simply adorable and looked super easy to lay things on. We chose a bottle brush that has sponge at the end so it can scrub deeper. I also just ordered some Dapple Bottle Soap Detergent, that I am excited to use.

6. Bottle Warmer: We chose to go with the Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer because it had some of the best reviews and it was reasonably priced compared to others. We already are jumping on the Dr. Brown's band wagon for bottles, so figured this would be a great choice as well. I know once Scarlett is able to take a bottle this will be so helpful for us and those who may be watching her.

7. Bottle Sterilizer: We registered for the sterilizer that was the most reasonably priced and had the best reviews. So, we went with the Phillips Avent Steam Sterilizer. The ratings were very good and was the most purchased. I am a germaphobe, I won't lie, so I know that this is going to be used pretty frequently in our house I am sure.

8. Documenting: I've seen Mom blogs all over rave about the Itzbeen and how nice it is. I definitely wanted to register for this because I know in the beginning when I am sleep deprived I'll be wondering when her last feeding/diaper change was. I am not good with keeping pen and paper handy, so this is a great alternative.

9. Pacifiers: I registered for them all, let's face it, I've heard that you won't really know what your baby prefers until they are here. So, I registered for the MAM, Avent, Tommee Tippee, Nuk, and of course the wubbanub. I am thinking she'll like at least one of those. I know with breast feeding that I won't introduce a pacifier until 2-3 weeks anyway.

10. Burp Cloths: I registered for the Aden + Anais ones because they are so sweet and pretty. But, I also heard from a friend that the inserts of cloth diapers are amazing and are super absorbent. So, I plan to get a few packs of those too.

Not Shown: 

 Baby Food-Making: We registered for The Baby Bullet because I saw and read great things about this machine. I am especially am really excited to make Scarlett's food. I know how much cheaper and healthier it is, so when we received this item I was really excited! 

High Chair: We registered for the OXO Tot Sprout chair. As mentioned in my last baby registry post, this high chair is simple and easy. I've heard that the clean up on these things is really easy. 

Dishwasher Organizer: We registered for the Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket. Just went off of good reviews and style for this one. It seems to be the most universally used organizer and fits into most dishwashers. 


I hope you've enjoyed this post. Like I said in my 'Gear' post, none of these items have been baby proofed yet, but I did extensive research on every item on multiple sites when adding items to our registry. Thanks to the advice from friends and family, I hope to have provided some great information here. 

Thanks for reading & if you have any suggestions, I am all ears! 


  1. I think you have a great list! A couple notes from a mom who BF'd for a full year:

    - I preferred the Medela cream to the Lansinoh ... but both are great!

    - Buy some of the Soothies for the hospital/first week. My hospital had samples and actually recommended you have two sets and keep one in the fridge while wearing the other.

    - I am SO JEALOUS that insurance now covers pumps!

    Good luck with BF'ing. It's frustrating yet so rewarding.

  2. I'm totally pinning this for my reference later. Hopefully, after baby Scarlett is here (when you are recovered and no sleep deprived) you will review and let us all know what she ended up liking! My SIL is pregnant with her first and I'm definitely getting her a baby bullet!

  3. We loved Dr. Brown's bottles. Jane was bottle fed from the beginning, so it is the only bottle we've known, but she had no problems with reflux or gas!

    And cheers to you on making Scarlett's food. We did the same for Jane and I loved it. Also, I just saw on pinterest that they have developed the disposable pouches for homemade food. Jane loves to hold the pouches (Ellie's Kitchen is our go to store bought brand) so it's nice to be able to store your homemade food for when you are on the go!!

  4. That is amazing that your insurance covers breast pumps! They are so expensive, and not really something 'fun' that you want to spend money on. I breastfed for 14 months, and I never ended up really using bottles at all. We tried a few, but my son mostly ate from me, and then started on a sippy cup/bottle hybrid around 6 months. I did buy most of the things you list, but I ended up not using them. I barely used the boppy, or burp cloths, or the baby bullet even though I made all my own food.

    It's good to be prepared - and you can always pass along your gently used items to new mamas to be if you find you don't need them. Everyone seems to have one or two MUST-HAVES, but they differ from person to person. Good luck in your last few weeks!!!

  5. So awesome that your insurance covers your breast pump! I'm live chatting with my insurance company now checking on that :) It would be so awesome to get to take that off my registry!!

  6. I am so thankful you posted this because now we too have our breast pump covered by our insurance. I had no idea..thank you!!!!

  7. Oooh I'm checking into our insurance too...I've been meaning to do this, but forgot until now. Thanks for posting!

  8. Thank you so much for this post! I am just starting the registry process which is so daunting at first. So posts like this are super helpful. And I am so excited that my insurance not only covers pumps but it covers the brand I wanted anyway, amazing!

  9. Aden & Anais blankies and burp cloths are so precious! The family I nannied for had a lot of Dr Brown stuff and loved it. You will have so much fun making her food, I got to do it for the little one I nannied & it's so fun! I've babysat for a lot of families that have the little grass pad drier...I would also recommend looking into the spinning rack drier, I know it's not as pretty & cute but it holds a lot more stuff on it. =)

    Can't wait to "meet" baby Scarlett!

  10. Good list mama! We use the Dr. Brown's bottles and warmer and have been very happy with them! And you know that breast pump is the best! Also a big fan of the bibs and wubbanub too!

  11. Thanks for posting! I am due in July and trying to round out my registry now as well!

  12. I checked and I don't think our insurance covers breast pumps :( I am going to check with our HR department just to be sure. Thanks for the heads up.

    Also I am going to check out that itxbeen thingy.

    OMG I have so much to learn.

  13. Did you go directly to insurance for the pump, or did your doctor give you a "prescription"...? Just curious how to approach it! thanks


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