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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Big Stuff 

Feeding Basics

Baby Food Storage Favorites

The Big Stuff:
We love our OXO Tot sprout high chair. It was fairly easy to assemble. The way it is made, it is also so simple to clean. The padding is removable by some velcro, so it is so easy to take on and off. The style is modern and really blends in well with our furniture, which I really like. I know there are lots of other really great options, but this has worked perfectly for us. The Beaba Babycook is wonderful. I love how it steams and blends food all in one. This is super nice for when you are trying to alleviate dishes and kitchen clutter.

Feeding Basics:
Some of my favorites are the safety spoons that turn white when too hot. This was so helpful in the beginning when we were doing oatmeal, and we weren't sure how warm her food was. Still at almost 8 months, these are our favorite since they are so soft. The munchkin soft tip spoons are great as well, especially now that she is a bit older. The Baby BJORN soft bib is really so handy and logical. I can't even tell you how many times food has fallen off the spoon and luckily it has landed in the pouch instead and alleviated many messes. A little expensive, but luckily it was a gift. The Tommee Tippee bowls are so simple and perfect. I love that they are durable and the colors are fun, too.

Baby Food Storage:
From my experience, I've been glad to have a variety of items for baby food storage. The Beaba freezer tray is really convenient in how the cubes just pop out and the trays are so durable that I don't need to put it in a ziploc bag. I prefer the glass containers because it is easiest and safest to re-warm in glass, and the green sprout ones were perfect for this. Many people rave about using ice cube trays, which I am sure works great, too. But, this is just what I do and it works great for our baby food making process.

I wanted to include a little snippet about my home made baby food process. I've gotten a lot of questions, and figured I'd do a general overview. See below for more information if you are thinking about going this route. 

Making Your Baby Food: 
About 80% of Scarlett's meals are homemade by me. Honestly, I love making her food. Now that she is a bit older, it is easier to make food the day of and store a few cubes for the next couple of days in the fridge. I love my Beaba Baby Cook. I originally registered for another one; however, I realized that with my limited kitchen space and for the sake of time, I really wanted to return it and get the all in one deal with a steamer and blender in one. I am glad I did. I don't think I'd be so willing to make her food if there were many steps with additional pots and pans to clean after.

Tips & Tricks
+ Save store bought baby food glass jars and use them to store the food you made. Also, small pesto sauce glass jars are perfect for storing and warming food. 
+ Always Always Always reheat baby's food in the steamer and never the microwave. The microwave creates dangerous hot spots and breaks down nutrients in baby's foods. 
+ Buy local. Buy organic. I often saved even more money by walking to the farm stand and getting my veggies and fruits from them. More than likely they are cheaper. Plus, supporting local farmers is always a good thing :) 
+ Buy frozen organic veggies such as peas. Some veggies are difficult to prepare and so it may be easier for you to buy them frozen and then blend from there. If you buy from an organic store, they are good about making sure their veggies and fruits were frozen during their season so the foods are the freshest. 
+ When preparing baby's food. I always have lots of ziploc bags. To make the process easier, I prepare all of my ingredients in advance. For example, if I am making sweet potatoes, I wash, peel, and chop the sweet potato the night before that way all I have to do is throw my ingredients in the steamer and blend! 
I am debating doing a full post on how to make baby food, possibly including a video. Let me know if you would be interested in this sort of thing :) 

Store Bought Baby Food Low Down:
I make most of Scarlett's food, but there are definitely times (especially when we are on the go) when I can't really bring a frozen cube of baby food with us while running errands. So, our go to store bought foods are Happy Baby, Sprout, and Earth's Best. We first chose Happy Baby because Dr. Sears endorses this brand and made me feel much better about what I was going to be feeding Scarlett. Sprout is equally great but is a tad more expensive. Earth's Best is a convenient and cheaper option for baby food, but it does have higher levels of sodium in their jars. So, this one is my last option when purchasing in store.


  1. I love the beaba baby cook! I have one and use it all the time! It's great too for steaming food when they start eating finger foods :)

  2. I don't have children but this all sounds really interesting to me and I'd love to read a post about the process of making baby food and what not. Also as a fellow med school wife, I was curious: organic foods tend to be more expensive, how do you manage that on your budget? Is it balanced out by the fact that you make most of Scarlett's food yourself and only use pre-made food when necessary? Just curious!

  3. Did you return the infantino squeeze station? I think i saw you post about it so i went and bought it too! But we havent used it yet..and love that bib!!

  4. I have the same cooker!! I'd love to see a post how to make baby food for when my little girl eats solids in a couple months. Where do you get your recipes?

  5. my dad just told me that our christmas present is a beaba babycook pro! i am pretty excited. i was thinking if i could make food every sunday for the week that'd be awesome! of course we haven't started yet and i imagine it'll take some trial and error to figure out what makes how much etc. but i love that you love yours! I'm totally down to read more about how you make her food! and i can not beeeeliiieve you are referring to her as almost 8 months! MAN. so fast!

  6. I love making Elliott's food too! Have you seen the Boon silicone feeder http://www.amazon.com/Boon-Pulp-Silicone-Feeder-Orange/dp/B00BFEULW2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387345505&sr=8-1&keywords=boon+silicone+feeder

    I'm obsessed with it and will stick bananas, cooked apples, etc. in it for Elliott and he LOVES it! It's a great teether, but also a great way for them to get food.


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