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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This weekend we will be gathering up all of the furniture I need to complete my office/craft room. We are hoping to make a trip to Ikea if all of the things I want are in stock. Joel already has desk number 4, and so we are hoping to just add onto the other side of the desk and call it my craft space. Our guest bedroom currently holds desk number 4, so I'd love to just put another table on the other side and have that be a place for my calligraphy, art, and other crafty projects. 
Now, the tricky part is that I am having to move my office into the living area temporarily while Scarlett is so little. I've tried to put her in the play pen or exersaucer in the other room for a short amount of time while I get a few things done, but I get anxiety and check on her so much that I never get anything done. When Scarlett plays by herself, I could potentially get a lot done knowing she is just in arms reach while working, too. This simple solution will give me more time to get a few things done. 
I am torn between desk number 1 and 2. I've loved number 1 for so long, then looking on the site had me second guess myself when I found desk number 2. I'm sure I'll make up my mind in person, but would love to hear your suggestions! 

Anyone have any of the materials above? I'd love to hear how you like them! 

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  1. Not sure if it would matter for your use, but we have desk #1 and I LOVE it! I've used the desk to move into other spaces for parties, etc - and the fact that I can move it on my own is also hugely helpful. We actually damaged the heck out of the original top during some crazy-college days, and I got a much nicer glass top of our now "grown-up" house.

  2. I want a craft room soooooo badly. But that would also require me to have a house...
    (Also I have a secret you will like A LOT!!!! Has to do with two little letters L and A )

  3. I love all things Expedit and that work station is no exception! Love love love extra storage/decorating space :)

  4. I love #1 but, when she starts crawling I could see her crawling right up on those low shelves. Don't know if that's an issue for you or not but, would be my only reservation. I'm so glad you posted these because I've been looking for a table like both of these to add to the other side of my desk for the same reason!! Can't wait to see it all together!!

  5. oooh, i want my own office and girly craft room sooo bad!! one day! one day!!

  6. Ohh...although I love desk #1, I think you should get #2. There's more room for you to move your chair around and like Shayna said, it might be a problem when your little one starts climbing. It looks like #2 has more counter space too and you can stack some filers or shelves there. Heck, just get both. You can use #1 as your craft table and #2 for your office table. hahaha!

  7. I actually just bought desk #1 last month! And I have desk #2 in my craft room so here goes my advice- desk #1 looks nicer but it takes up so much space. The legs underneath are so wide that it leaves a very narrow space for leg room. Also the only desk top that works with those legs is the largest one they have, it's very boxy and squarish, opposed to desk #2 which is long and narrow. I much perfer to work at my desk #2 because it's easier to spread different projects out. I also perfer the space I still have in my tiny craft room after adding that desk to it. Desk #1 looks nice but I put mine in an entirely empty room that's going to be my future photography office and it just takes up so much space. Also, desk #1 cost me $90 total with the legs and table top and desk #2 only cost me $35 (I used plain legs instead of curved ones though.)

    Hope this helps you decide!!

  8. I would love to have a bright white work place - that's were inspiration lives isn't it!?
    Enter to win a $500 shopping spree!


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