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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

let's see, where do i begin? 
this past week and a half have been difficult… it has been hard, exhausting, and emotional. 
i am struggling to find a balance with photography, blogging, chores, and most importantly my family. 
joel is studying for the shelf exam that is friday. 
scarlett is teething and is so so sick. 
i am exhausted, behind on edits/blog posts, and have been thinking too much lately. 
joel and i both decided to just let things slide for now. let the laundry pile, the dishes remain in sink, and just take care of ourselves and get by until things calm down. (come on friday!!!) 
all i want to do these days is snuggle my sweet babe, make sure my husband is motivated for his test, and rest my mind. 

Scarlett's 10 month post has been sitting in my drafts all week, I am dying to post it, but sweet girl is not up to taking pictures right now. hopefully it will go up soon :) 

Some things I am thankful for… Friends who come over and cheer me up and help me with Scarlett, Joel for telling me I'm doing a good job, family who tells me they love me, and for my Angels who have been much by my side through tough times. 

Hoping next week is better! Hey, it will be March, and closer to warmer weather, celebrations, travel arrangements, and other exciting events! 


  1. sending prayers your way love! i totally know what you mean about the long weeks. for some reason i have been behind on everything in life as well. take care of yourself and get some rest though! all the rest will fall back in place soon! love ya! xox

  2. I just discovered your blog and have been loving exploring old posts. :)

  3. Praying for you. I know those weeks. Sometimes it seems there is no end, but I hope things get better quickly!

  4. I know that feeling....hope it gets better soon. Sending a big fat hug your way!

  5. Awww I'm sorry you're going through a rough time right now. Marli has been teething and i think it's finally getting better, but the past 48 hrs have been...hell. I felt so helpless and tried literally everything to help distract her from the pain. I hope things get better and let me know if you have questions. As for the laundry and dishes, let it go sister! Those things can wait and it will be ok if the house is a mess and the dishes are piling up :) it will give the home a bit of character haha

  6. Such a pretty pic! So sorry you are feeling behind! Hang in there girl!

  7. aw Friday is here! hope Scarlett is feeling better! Kenzie was so sick last week.. still this week but starting to feel better.. and now I'm sick again so I know how hard it is! And I totally feel you.. I think maybe by the time she is 3 I'll get this whole housewife/mommy thing down ;)

  8. Hopefully spring will be here shortly and that will help everyone feel better!

  9. I feel you! I have been working a lot on the blog, but I have been getting burned out and I know once it's just me at home and Ryan is back at work, I won't be able to keep this up. I'm actually looking forward to letting blogging take a backseat because it just isn't as important or fun as spending time with Rilynn.


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