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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Currently, I am still breastfeeding, but we are phasing out our feedings as she is almost a year old, and I plan to stop soon after she is a year, if I make it. Breastfeeding has been one of the best, but most challenging things I've ever experienced. Being solely responsible for your child's nutrition is very demanding and hard at times. But, breastfeeding has taught me more than just knowing how to feed my baby, it has taught me to be a selfless person……… 
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Today, I am guest posting on Julie's lovely blog and sharing my breastfeeding experience as a whole so far for her breastfeeding diaries series. It's been awhile since I given an update or shared some of our experience, so I hope you enjoy it! 


  1. It's crazy because I have noticed a drop in Ford's feedings which is bittersweet but also a relief knowing we can wean at a year. He won't take a bottle so mama needs a break! Heading to read your post now!

  2. Yay, love these stories!! And way to go mama!


  3. Good for you mama! My supply dried up by 3 months and I was devastated but would have loved to continue if I could.

  4. I found you through Julie's blog. I have to tell you, your pictures are beautiful, and I love the advice you gave. Letting go of the stress is the best thing you can do! My husband is a 1st year resident, I know what you're going through with your husband being a medical student!

  5. I feel the same way about it! It was SO hard with my first, Maddie. At the same time though, it was the best thing ever. Crazy how it is. She pretty much self-weaned at just over a year (with a little help). This time around, with Anthony, is WAY different. It is definitely still demanding, but it was never hard. I've been loving it. :) Cheers.

  6. so so great of you to share on the topic, lady!! you are such a good mommy. i hope scarlett does great with weaning because m... is aiming to nurse til she's 14. just ask her. that's what she'll tell you. i'm pretty positive. so much to figure out when you're a mom, huh :)

  7. Love this and can't WAIT to nurse again here in a few months!! :)


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